My Success By xiang chen

My greatest success it to have a lot of friends. Because friends always can help you with a lot stuff you don't understand. Friends can play games with you when you are bored. These are the reasons friends can help you became a successful person.

After 10 years, I will become a math person. Because I feel most math questions are very easy and Math does not have much work. Most Math people are very smart so they can understand stuff very fast. American Math and English are most important for your life but English its too hard, Math it easy. So that is why I choose math for my job.

Now, friends are important to me because they can help me. In the future, I think money will be important to me because you always need money. Friends always can help you at the stuff you don't know and you can have a lot fun with them. Money always it important to you because if you don't have money you can't buy anything then you will die fast.

I want to be math person when I grow up because Math is kind of easy for me. This will make me feel successful because I can get smart and rich. Math can help you get smart then you can learn fast at other things . Money can help you a lot for successful person because if you have a lot money then you can buy a lot stuff for your family or friends.


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