A Fun Day Caitlin C

Fun Day

I have had many fun days, but I will never forget the day I had a sleepover with my cousin, Kayla. The first thing we did was put on makeup. We also waited until the boys were asleep and put makeup on them! When we woke up we ate pancakes, sausage, and bacon. It was so delicious! After that we played on the hammock, we played this fun game called superman. Then we played with Duke, their dog. We played with his ball and his frisbee. After that we played on the scooter and the skateboard. We couldn’t go far because it was so cold! Finally we went to the park. We played with the frisbee, Duke, the soccer ball, and we played on the playground. That was a really fun day and I can’t wait to have another sleepover with her!


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