Tour of the Harn Cameron Reagan

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

The artwork highlighted is the Primary Series by Lee Krasner. Seeing the pictures in person definitely enhanced the experience because you could see the texture and depth of the painting. You can see more of a purpose when viewing the pictures in person because you can see all of the details. I think these painting were so powerful because they were displayed in the Women In Art section of the museum, which already made me more drawn to them. Furthermore, they appear so simple but I feel they have a more complex meaning. They are similar to ink blot tests psychologists use in personality tests, which I feel like makes these pieces more complex. I also think seeing the three pieces together like this in the museum further enhanced my experience because I don't know if they are always displayed or pictured together. The artist was an abstract expressionist who was married to Jackson Pollock, which I thought was really cool. I loved that they each piece was similar in style, but they were really so different when you looked at them closely. I don't think I would have noticed their individual beauty had I not seen them in person. This struck me, and made me really appreciate these paintings so much more. I liked that they paintings all go together, but each had their own story. It reminded me of a family, as each person is an individual but they al belong to one larger unit. The complexity of the paintings would have been lost on me had I not seen them in person.

Design of the Museum

My favorite exhibit was the exhibit featuring the art work of many talented women artists. I found this wing so appealing because I found it extremely powerful to have the art work of women highlighted in one area. The arrangement of grouping all of their incredible work together made me appreciate their pieces more. To see the feminist movement highlighted in such a way was very moving and made me love this exhibit. In the next section I will describe specific pieces of art that made relate to my values, but I think the arrangement of the museum definitely helped to highlight my values, making this exhibit my favorite. To arrange the female artwork together was honestly was so moving because I felt like it highlighted its importance. The exhibit itself was arranged beautifully as well, which further enhanced my enjoyment of this exhibit. It was spaced out in such a way that you were able to take in one piece of art at a time, which allowed me to really appreciate each piece. I think the lighting also plays a role in making the wing appealing because the main focus is on the art. The white walls also helps the emphasize the artwork, which further enhanced my experience. (Artwork: Ode à I'Oubli by Louise Bourgeois)

Art and Core Values

Left: I am Not a Persian Carpet # 2 by Aphrodite Desiree Navab Right:Classic Torso by Ruth Bernhard

Those two pieces were definitely my favorite. Both were photographs taken by immigrants, which really spoke to me, especially in this political climate. What further spoke to me is the depiction of the female body and its beauty. Bernhard's photograph celebrates the feminist ideals in that it highlights the beauty and strength of women by capturing the simplicity and elegance of a women's body. It celebrates it and normalizes the human body to be viewed as more than just an object. In Navab's photograph she stamped the stomach with a pattern mimicking one typically seen on Persian carpets. Her intention was to challenge the stereotypes and objectification of women. I think art is a powerful way to challenge societal norms and these pieces really exemplified that to me. They made me feel empowered and helped me further understand how important it is to challenge and fight for women's rights and what I believe in.

Art and the Good Life

The African collection featured many masks and head dresses (like the one featured above) and really exemplified the celebrating module. They celebrate the human spirit and they celebrate creating "an other world spirit." They celebrate transitional periods in life, including life and death or childhood to adulthood. However, the masks and headdresses have many different purposes, such as religious and spiritual meaning, as well as for entertainment costumes to accompany music and dance. I think the masks also celebrate African culture and the different values within their culture. It gave me a deeper understanding of their culture and their beliefs. It is cool to see the values of other cultures and how those cultures celebrate or demonstrate their values. I also liked how the masks and headdresses were only one part of a larger artwork. In other words, people wore these headdresses in performances, which is another piece of art. It is like art celebrating art. It reinforced that there are many ways to celebrate and showed how different cultures celebrate.
These are images of me with art work. I look miserable, but that is just my resting face! It is awkward to take selfies in the middle of the museum!

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