Our Army in action Tan Jie xun (3E2) Bishan park secondary school

As we know Singapore is a small island. So how are we going to protect ourselves? Yes, its the Singapore Army. They may not be the best but they will give their best! I believe some of our pioneers would still remember those laborious periods when Japanese occupy Singapore. So we doesn't want history to repeat again. Hence our army are working for perfection, by undergoing through intense training. Not for themselves, but for the safety of Singapore. As if we don't defend ourselves, no one is going to help us. Thanks to our noble army, we have a peaceful environment in Singapore now. And here is some of our army in actions!

These are our virtuous soldiers who represent the Singapore Army. They may be the new batch of teenagers joining the army for the first time. There are challenges and ordeals waiting for them. But you know what, they going to be our heroes. As life is full of uncertainties. Who knows if the next moment Singapore would be involved in a war. By then, who will protect Singapore? No doubt it will be these courageous soldiers. They will fight for Singapore’s glory and destiny. Hence we must have faith on them. They are the ones going through harsh environment and vigorous training.
Commander imparting the using of tactics to its soldiers, it is important for the soldiers and commanders to be able to apply tactics well. Hence its paramount for every soldiers to understand tactics. As it will help to reduce casualties and increases the possibility of winning for every battles. Although Singapore are not experiencing war recently, but we must always be prepared. So that we are not being passive when we are attacked. So the attitude soldiers’ have towards learning tactics determine the result of a battle.
Soldiers having a checkup on the equipment. It is essential for every soldiers to equip the skills to be able to know if the equipment are working well. Just imaging if soldiers using an equipment that was not well maintained, the consequence will be catastrophe. Hence it is a common skill that every soldiers must have. So when the equipment are not working well in the middle of the battle, they could fix it immediately. Also to be able to spot what is wrong with the equipment and repair it before letting it up to the battlefield. If not who knows if the equipment might hurt ourselves instead of the enemies.
The dignified uniform, flashy sword and guns. These also represent our Singapore Army. It is the celebration of the Full-Time National Servicemen's (NSFs) completion of their 2 years of National Service. Over the years they gave their best. They sweat and persevere, and finally they made it! This ceremony acknowledge their abilities and their well characteristics. As they are transmitting into Operationally Ready National Servicemen. Its not easy for them to make it this far. Hence they are worth of our respect, as without them Singapore would be in danger. Servicing as a soldier is admirable, of course to gain anything there must be prices. Training were vigorous, punishment were harsh. But because of these, Singapore are able to nurture the best army out of nothing. After going through those arduous times, you will find yourself being more appreciating of what you had. As you know since you could overcome those harsh times, what else can get into your way?

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