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What every merchant should know when going e-commerce.


If you're already running a brick and mortar or if you are starting out, building an online presence is the smart way to go. It's faster, less expensive to build and can reach a global audience.


E-Commerce Platform. You can do-it-yourself and build your own shop using readily available e-commerce platforms. With today's technology, there are more options available for the non-technical entrepreneur. Shop build is accessible with sites like Shopify and Squarespace.

Customized E-Commerce. If you want a shop with an array of features specific to your process and shop functions, that's when it would be best to go customized. We have clients who chose this route as it simplified their logistics, marketing and merchandising, linking solutions for inventory, affiliate marketing and their POS.

Marketplace. A third option is working with marketplaces. These are your digital department stores where it houses several brands and merchants, across a variety of categories. There are different marketplaces that dominates each region in terms of customer exposure. For North America and Europe, you can refer to Etsy, Amazon. For Southeast Asia, there is Zalora and Lazada.

How We Help: Our approach is practical, we guide you how to start smart based on your goals and present operational capacity. We then help you with Shop Set-Up, across any platform, be it in a marketplace, on Shopify or and even your own customized your e-commerce.


Now that your store is live, it is time to efficiently manage your shop. New season, fresh styles, promotions, loyalty programs are all part of managing a shop to keep customers coming. Merchandise is essential to be represented with crisp photos and product descriptions that speaks to customers. Multi-tasking will come in handy as this task will run in parallel with shop/order management (sourcing, ordering, vendor communication, product uploads) and customer management (customer inquiries, order shipping). E-commerce is a cycle that involves managing everyday tasks and simultaneously planning for the upcoming seasons.

How We Help: We help stretch time by managing tasks in the retail cycle. We service the most time-consuming tasks such as Product Styling and Photography, Product Uploading, Content Creation and Sourcing, Order, Customer Management. Simply put, it's like outsourcing your own Shop Manager.


E-commerce marketing is finding creative ways to acquire first time customers and how to keep them to continue patronizing your brand. With your own efforts, it can already be done with social media. Facebook and Instagram does wonders as you can use your current network to create a buzz. To reach a wider market, affiliate marketing is a wise choice. Not only can you reward influencers and customers for referring you a sale, but it also lowers customer acquisition cost. You can run this in parallel by utilizing coupons, bundling, vouchers and private sales.

How We Help: Personalized strategy is our strength, we help you by bringing 15 years of brand management and merchandising experience and employing digital strategies that work. Services: Social Media Management | Software Solutions: Affiliate Marketing/ Referral Marketing Platform


Somewhat the least favorite in the retail cycle as it leans more on analysis rather than creativity. However, inventory is also the most critical. Inventory Management is all about cash flow. Always study your inventory by looking at your sales and merchandise sell-through. Know what consists a healthy inventory turnover to avoid digging yourself a pit of endless capital infusion. Inventory goes hand in hand with purchase budgets, open-to-buy and revenue projections. It is part of goal setting as you plan towards the next season. It is also about avoiding overstock and balancing stocks so as not to lose out on sales opportunities.

How We Help: We bring our retail experience in analyzing budgets and inventory through workshops. We will help you how to project budgets, sales, inventory levels and margins. Software Solutions: Inventory Management Software, Customized Inventory Reports


It's all about making a SALE.

Effective selling goes beyond the exchange of products and services but offering the experience your brand has to offer. Take it from iconic brands like Starbucks and Coca-Cola. Apart from online, bring your brand to life with Retail Pop-ups and Private Selling Parties. This gives you a chance to interact with customers, sell more and build brand loyalty. Maximize sales by incorporating e-commerce in your event.

How We Help: Creative Direction, Implementation and Set-Up for Pop-Ups, Selling Events

Retail is like candy, its returns can be sweet.

Get the help you need to build, market, manage your shop. Get a free consultation based on your goals and budget.


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