Fresh excitement for the new 2021 schooling year

From the get-go, the new year of 2021 immersed us in a flurry of exciting happenings. We welcomed our new P1 and S1 students to the MGS campus on 4 January, and orientated them to the MGS community and schooling experience.

The back-to-school mood was one of delight as girls caught up with their friends after the holidays, and eased into the new normal of daily mask wearing and safe distancing measures.

Briefing sessions at the start of the school year for parents across all Primary and Secondary levels went digital for the first time, in view of the pandemic situation. Our teachers and staff prepared for inaugural class zoom sessions and large-scale webinars. We are glad that the online engagement has been successful in sharing the school’s directions and 2021 plans for our girls with parents.

Events such as the Lunar New Year celebrations and Green Monday initiative brought vibrancy to school life, the latter injecting new dishes to try at the MGS canteen as part of efforts to make a positive impact on the environment. New solar panels have also been installed on our rooftops to further reduce the school’s carbon footprint.

Lunar New Year celebrations and Green Monday initiative
New solar panels installed on our rooftops

Amidst the bustle of lessons and activities, the MGS community is also eagerly anticipating the Methodist Walk. We are happy to share our school’s campaign page at bit.ly/mwalk21-mgs to raise funds for a meaningful cause. Students and staff will be embarking on our 13,400km collective distance goal and parents are invited to join their daughters in this endeavour.