Good Life Tour of the Harn Kenneth Lee

When I first saw this piece I immediately thought of a balled up piece of tin foil and I was partially right. It is industrial weight aluminum foil sculptures that have been sprayed with resin and and auto lacquer. The picture doesn't do its justice on how big this sculpture actually is. If you viewed it from a book, you would probably not appreciate how big it is and how much force it probably took to sculpt this. The most surprising thing about this sculpture, is the randomness of it. What I mean by that is that the compactor could have shaped this in any way but it ended up exactly like this and this is what the artist had to work with. I was also surprised by the medium of the sculpture. Most of them are done in marble or bronze but the creativity to do industrial aluminum foil was astounding. Its supposed to represent the discarded items of American culture and I can definitely see how this relates to common waste items such as cans and foil.

The section I liked most in the museum was the contemporary section. The light orange colored walls and capacious room made the paintings very enjoyable to see. I also enjoy paintings the most out of all the mediums and I think the museum curators did an excellent job of setting up this wing. The lighting was also perfect as it illuminated all the paintings in the right areas and I was able to clearly see all the paintings. Also, the paintings were spaced out properly. There weren't too many to the point where it looked overcrowded but also not too little to where there was a lot of wasted space. The whole wing was easy on the eyes and mad for an enjoyable experience.

This sculpture really appealed to my desire of belonging and unity. The two parents surrounding and cherishing the small child has a universal appeal to all and can be understood by anyone. I think we all need to a certain extent a feeling of belonging and this work speaks to me. We all want to fit into our family, community, and society as a whole. Fitting in assures us we are loved and appreciated. The work also instills a sense of innocence. Children are always seen as innocent and pure as they aren't yet influenced by society. The two parents hovering over the naive child reminds me of myself not too long ago.

The artwork I chose that embodies the good life is a painting of Frida Kahlo. Frida was sick for most of her life and was physically disfigured from a horrific accident. However, I believe she was resilient and was actively voiced her opinion through her art. Her art portrayed her reality more than her dreams. Her paintings often portrayed her feminist and anti-colonial ideas in an era where women were largely oppressed. Her confidence to speak out against injustices is a vital part of the good life and makes her a venerable character to all.

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