Nigeria By Patrick Sand

Introducing the country:

Nigeria is a country located in Africa. However some bad, are many great qualities that go along with this country. The capitol happens to be the City of Abuja, Nigeria.


Geographic location: Where a particular place, city, country, region etc, is located.

Nigerias relative location is West Africa, under the country of Niger

Visual representation of what Nigerias continent, Africa, symbolizes
ECOWAS Building, downtown Abuja

The capital of Nigeria is The very beautiful city of Abuja, located at exactly 9.0765 degrees north, and 7.3986 degrees East

Elevated skyline Photo of Downtown Abuja at night
Abuja National Stadium
CBN Headquarters

Nigeria has many unique landforms found within the country. Some to name are the Benue river valley, Mambilla Platau, and the Zuma rock.

Zuma rock

The zuma rock is an igneous intrusion rock made of gabbro and granodiorite.

It also has an elevation of 3,691 feet

People typically use this massive landform for rock climbing.

Benue river

The Benue River is an 870 mile long river that goes through Cameroon and Nigeria

In 2012, a flood of the Benue river resulted in a huge increase of population of poisonous snakes in the area.

Climate of Nigeria

Obudu national Resort
  • Nigeria has two primary seasons, a wet and a dry season.
  • Harmattan winds occur between December and January
  • Temperatures reach extreme levels during the dry season, at times

Bordering Countries

Map label of bordering countries

Nigeria has 4 countries that border them. They are:

  • Niger
  • Benin
  • Chad
  • Cameroon

Bodies of Water

Niger River

There are many bodies of water that can be found around the country of Nigeria. Some to list are:

  • Niger River
  • Lake Chad
  • Gulf of Guinea
  • Benue river
  • Lagos Lagoon


Place refers to the physical and/or human aspects of a specific location.

Natural Resources

Oil spills in Nigeria

Some of Nigerias main natural resources are Oil, gas, gold, lead, and zinc. One of these natural resources, however, come with a big problem. That is Oil.

Natural gas

Cultural groups

There are four main cultural groups found in Nigeria. They are:

  • Hausa
  • Fulani
  • Igbo
  • Yoruba
People of the Hausa cultural group
A Fulani woman with a fulanian painting design on her face
Men doing an Igbo cultural ritual
Some men celebrating Yoruba rituals and performing a musical ritual


There are two main religions practiced in Nigeria:

  • Christianity
  • Islam
Abuja house of worship
Nigerian community celebrating at a church
National Church of Nigeria (Christianity)


While Nigeria has many of their own fascinating and interesting traditions, it also celebrates a few that us in the United States celebrate as well. Some to name are Christmas and Easter, both being a Christian holiday.

Some other holidays and traditions include:

Eid Al Mawlid

People praying for Eid Al Mawlid

This holiday is celebrated in February, and is the first major Muslim/Islamic holiday celebrated during the calendar year

Argungu Fishing Festival

People competing to find the biggest fish in the Sokoto river

This is a four day event, and a competition to catch the largest fish in the Sokoto river.

Osun Festival

People celebrating the Osun festival

This festival is celebrated by the Yoruba cultural group, and it honors the river goddess, Oshun


In the country of Nigeria, they have a federal government. Their government includes:

  • Executive, judicial, and legislative branch
  • Executive branch president is Muhammadu Buhari
  • Disbursed aid from the United States is 154$ million

Human-environment interactions

Human-environment interactions are the impact on the environment that has something to do with a human, whether it be made by humans such as bridges.


Some of the crops that are grown in Nigeria are:

  • Cocoa beans
  • Palm oil
  • Rice
  • Rubber
Cocoa beans
Palm oil


There are many different job opportunities that can be found. Jobs like:

  • Hawkers
  • Ushers
  • Civil engineers

Hawkers are people that try to sell products on the streets

However, today's most popular job in Nigeria happens to be a fashion designer.

Woman modeling at a fashion show in Nigeria
Adele Dejak

Endangered Species

African Elephant

African elephants

The African elephant is the worlds largest animal walking on earth. It is endangered because of poaching their tusks.

African Lion

African lion

African lions are endangered because they have less than one percent of their original space, especially in West Africa.

African Manatee

African Manatee

African manatees are endangered because in Nigeria, they are selling these animals to zoos.

Environmental problems

Oil spills, in Nigeria

The number one environmental problem in Nigeria is the oil spills. In the Ogale community in the Rivers state of Nigeria, the farmers claim that there have been oil spills since 1989, and have no clean drinking water, rivers, or even farmland, according to BBC world news. The UNEP has even recommended a 1 billion dollar fund in what would be the largest cleanup of any kind in history.


A region is an area with similar characteristics

Education system

Nigeria has an education system in which it is called a 6-3-3-4 education system. This includes:

  • 6 years of primary school
  • 3 years of Junior secondary school
  • 3 years of senior secondary school
  • 4 years in tertiary institution
Young adults in Senior secondary school
Graduation ceremony
Shows classroom conditions


Nigeria has the largest population of any country in all of Africa.

The total population if Nigeria is 183,523,432 in 2015

It's population density is 200.05 people per square meter

Area of country

The total area of the country is 356,669 square miles.

Per capita GDP

Nigerias per capita GDP is 3005.51 US dollars

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of Nigeria is very low compared to the United States.

  • The life expectancy of males is 52.4 years
  • The life expectancy for females is 54.5 years

Literacy rate

The literacy rate is 59.6%

Climate region

Nigeria is located in the Sahel climate, which is a tropical climate. However, Nigeria has a wet and a dry season.


Movement is a motion and can range from physical movement, such as migration, or a movement of an email being sent from one place and received from another.

Imported/exported goods

Cars/car modeling in Nigeria

Nigeria mainly imports cars and wheat, while exporting gas, and petroleum.

Gas/oil cargo ship
Wheat importation
Petroleum production machine

Nigerian flag

Nigerias flag

Nigerias flag is green and white. It was designed in 1959. The 2 green sides represent natural wealth, while the white strip in the middle represents peace.

Gaining its independence

Nigeria gained its independence through constitutions legislated through the British government. The country formed a government from the NPC and the NCPC. In 1963, they elected Azikiwe their president, this coming after being made a republic country.


Some private schools in Nigeria have computers
Raspberry Pi

Nigeria uses some of the same technology that the United States uses. It's technology industry is slowly growing larger over time. The above device, "Rasberry Pi" is used in many classrooms to display things onto walls such as math problems.

More uses of computers within the Nigerian classrooms

Transportation/communication in Nigeria

Chaos in Nigerian street

Transportation in Nigeria is very similar of that in the United States. The most popular ways of transportation include cars, busses, and taxis. A more interesting mean of transportation for Nigeria would be the tricycle car. However, transportation is a lot different of an experience than that of the US, as seen in the above photo.

Trycycle car
Taxi van

Current events

Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerias president

A very weird situation has developed in the country of Nigeria, as their president, Muhammadu Buhari has suddenly gone missing. He had recently left to seek medical treatment in London, as nobody has heard of him since. President Donald Trump, however, did say he recently spoke by phone with the Nigerian president and says he is fine. There is still speculation that Buhari is in poor health.

Announcement of extending his leave

Malnutrition a growing problem in Northern Nigeria

Many kids in Nigeria very sick

Many people are beginning to believe that starvation has taken a toll on a decent piece of the population. Recently at the feeding centers, which support people in severe need of food, there have been almost no toddlers present. While there are baby's and young adults, kids ranging from the ages of 4-7 have appearently starved to death. "There are almost always small children buzzing around camps."

Feeding center in Nigeria

Travel brochure

Nigeria has many great reasons to think about traveling to their country. It has many great landforms and beautiful places to visit. It's weather is also typically nice, if you like warm.

Abuja media centre
Ceddi plaza

Nigeria has many attractions, such as the National Mosque, which is an amazing site to see, as shown earlier in an above picture.

Abuja national mosque at night

You can also find many national parks, such as Cross River National Park. It includes many waterfalls, and is made up of tropical rainforests. Many animals can be seen here as well, living in their natural habitats.

Waterfall in Cross River National Park
Inside rain forest

You can also find many different restaurants in downtown Abuja, as well as other cities. One of the more popular ones is City View, in downtown Nigeria. It serves many of the same types of food as Americans eat, such as chicken wings, Salad, and pizza. However, their food might not taste exactly as you expect, as the food has its own cultural blend.

City view restaurant

The people of Nigeria are also generally friendly, as they celebrate happiness and many great traditions and holidays.

Day in the Life of a High School Resident

A high school student has its similarities and it's differences when compared to America. A typical day includes:

School busses of West Africa
  • Waking up at about 5:30 to 6 AM
  • Catching the bus (or walking) at about 7
  • It usually takes almost an hour for students to arrive at school, very different from that of what we in the United States are used to
  • Students usually spend the first 3 hours of school in class, before eating lunch
  • Lunch, if served, usually includes rice and eggs
  • Over the course of the day, students have classes which include math, English, social studies, and phonics, or the sound of words
  • After school, school is technically not over, as they have another English class, this one more laid back
  • Students typically arrive back to their homes at around 4
  • After school, kids usually do their homework and/or have a job
Typical Nigeria classroom
Typical school lunch

After school, boys may or may not have jobs, however it usually depends on the situation of the family. Girls usually stay home, and help their moms clean and take care of younger siblings. They can also do other hobbies, such as beadwork. Beadworking is a popular hobby in Nigeria, as fashion and necklaces are one of the hottest things in the country today. Boys usually play soccer or some other sport, whilst girls also do this as well, just not as common.

Families usually have dinner an hour before bedtime, at about 7. At 8, families say their evening prayers and go to bed.


Nigerian cultural groups have their own traditional music that they play, but Nigeria also contains their own type of modern day music, such as the song below, which is one of the most popular songs in Nigeria today.

Other interesting ideas/content

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College student daily life

Nigeria national soccer team qualifying for the World Cup in the late 1980s

Goes more in depth on the oil spills in Nigeria

Exhibition team USA vs Nigeria summer olympics

Famous athletes from Nigeria

  • Hakeem Olajuwon( probably the biggest athlete icon in Nigerias history, and one of the best big men of all time in the NBA
  • Victor Oladipo(born in Maryland, but his mother was a Nigerian immigrant)
  • Andre Igoudala(
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo (first time NBA all star this year, and just like Victor he is a son of 2 former Nigerian immigrants)
Created By
Patrick Sand


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