Virtual Hazard

It was the Saturday night's main wrestling event tagged 'David and Goliath'.Tijan Monsou had prepared himself mentally for this eagerly anticipated fight and he knew it was always going to be a tricky encounter against this very formidable opponent in Masachiko who is adored and loved by his die-hard fans. Tijan,6'3"tall and weighs 95kg also knew he had his work cut out against a bigger Masachiko weighing 135kg and 9 inches taller.

Tijan had worked tirelessly on his speed and technical skills to have any slightest chance against Masachiko otherwise the fight could end very quickly. The Referee signalled the fight to begin...Masachiko chased after Tijan for the bear-hug grab but he was too quick for the Champion and kept on moving swiftly around the ring for several minutes while trying to stay in position for his pre planned execution. Tijan had managed to avoid the joint lock and grappling hold earlier,and by now,Masachiko was already exhausted and looked dazed having moved round in circles for most of the first round,Tijan sensed he had to strike now.

Nobody ever survived Tijan's head drop technique during his wrestling days at school many years ago,this was his moment,he thought...He got on the top ring rope,well positioned and ready to jump head down at Masachiko to hit him with a head clash before landing on the canvas,this was a technique that had worked for Tijan so many times...

The Shopping Mall at the city centre was agog with activities a few hours earlier with shoppers picking up last minute gifts for Christmas,which is just two days away,also present were exhibitors showcasing and marketing their tech wares. Tijan observed a large crowd gathered at the C-Wing of the Shopping Centre and decided to find out what the fuss was all about...Tijan has always been fascinated by new technology and the moment he realised the new VR headsets being showcased and tried out for free by the excited crowd,he couldn't resist it,he had to try it out before continuing with his last minute Christmas shopping.

Tijan joined the queue to try out the new 'Oculus Rift' headset,he wondered what the hype was all about this new Virtual Reality technology, and why it has even been suggested by the media that this wearable gadget is about to change the world of gaming.The more he wondered about it,the more he was determined to try out one of the head mounted displays and feel the VR experience.The long queue didn't seem to be getting shorter,and Tijan was growing very impatient and anxious,he still had to pick up a few gifts for Frieda,his Fiancee, before heading back home for lunch,and then Voila!...He observed other exhibitors showcasing the 'HTC Vive' and 'Google Daydream' VR headsets at the other end of the Shopping Mall towards the D-Wing,the queue was not as long and even further down at the corner was another exhibitor with no queue,he thought this was his lucky day,and off he went,inquired from the Chinese exhibitor about their products,the 'VX Bungee' & 'VX Wrestlemania'.

The PC and the Console to run the game app was setup,and the Chinese exhibitor handed him the headset..Wow!..Tijan was in the virtual world at last, and he got totally immersed instantly,the VR experience felt so real. Dr Griloo has just informed Frieda that Tijan was lucky to be alive despite landing face down on a concrete floor,with a broken nose,damaged collar bone,knocked out set of teeth and major knee-cap and testicular injury.There was even more bad news for Tijan when his health insurer called to inform him that the coverage of treatment for 'self inflicted injury' or 'attempted Suicide' wasn't included in his policy. Tijan is nonetheless grateful he didn't go for the VX bungee jump headset.

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