Hi, my name is Luke and this is my incredible journey as a rain drop ,journey starts at my home cloud city.

When we had to wait for the cloud to kick us out so we can live somewhere else and we did and so. We went to the ocean train and I found a friend named Han and he could not find his family so he became apart of our family.

Then we had bought a house in the ocean and now I have a brother finally. And we had to do other stuff then we had to evaporate out of the water in 2000 years.

I like my new brother and my new home. And we stayed there for more than 400 years. And one of the games that we played was water ball and other things like that. Then the next morning we evaporating.

And we were sent to a river and we had no home and the water was moving fast. Then we saw a lot of rain drops there to like when we lived in cloud city.

Then we had to live in the river for 800 years. Then we were taken to the ocean and we saw a lot of animals and we had to live in a city.

And we saw a lot of animals like star fish and others. We had to live in the open ocean for a long time probably like 8000 years. Then we had to go back in a lake and the we got sucked up by a rabbit.

Also we went to a little pond and then we got sent up to the clouds. We got sent into a glacier and we had to be in a avalanche but first we had to go back to our old home.

And we got sent to a avalanche and we had to stay in a avalanche and water for 600 years.

Then we got evaporated into a plant then we got moved down to ground water.

Also we slipped from the plants into the ground and now we are called ground water droplets.

And that I my rain drop story.

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Evan Huffman


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