#MeowMondays Chuck's Adoption Success Story

Chuck at HSTT

Chuck was born in foster to an HSTT celebrity (Aspen, formerly known as Catniss, formerly known as Lemon). He was hardly here at the shelter long enough for us to get photos before he was swept up by his furever mom Lauren.

Chuck wooing his future furmom

I was in Truckee with a few hours to kill, so I decided to run into HSTT to pet some of the animals. Chuck kept meowing and running around his cage trying so hard to get out anyway he could. As soon as we opened the door to his condo, Chuck came flying out and was running around the room like a mad man. He was chasing after the toys, then he’d get tired and lay in my lap. I just knew the second I saw him he was my fur soul mate, but I didn’t want to make any rash decision. I couldn’t stop thinking about him all night and decided I was going to get him in the morning. I was there right at opening, walked in so excited to see him again, then walked out with what currently is the best blessing to ever happen to me.

Chuck brings such joy to my life every second of every day. His personality is so bright and he makes me so happy to be his fur mom. He is seriously the best cat I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing, and he makes every day a little more exciting with his various quirks.

Chuck loves to hide and sleep under the covers, be as high up as possible, sleep only at the top of his cat tree, hide in the top of my closet, play fetch, chase a laser, bird watch, and follow me around the house. He is also known for his love of Apple products. He has chewed up 7 pairs of headphones and 2 chargers. He is so active and greets everyone who walks in the door.

But Chuck needs his beauty rest too. This cat loves sleeping. He is like a teenager. He also loves being in the shower and playing in cardboard boxes. What does the future hold for Chuck? Lots of snuggle, kisses, and belly rubs. Sorry ladies, he is engaged to his long term kitty gf, Luna.

Thank you so much for everything you guys do for these animals. They are so special and I am forever grateful to be given the opportunity to adopt Chuck. I love him so much.

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