Theology of the Body By michael ramos and hanna FullEr

The mission of theology of the body institute is to educate and train men and women to understand, live, and promote the theology of the body.

The human body is more than the sum of its biological characteristics.

We can learn a great deal about who man is as a person by examining authentic human experience.

Society tells us it's ok to sleep with anyone before marriage while the church teaches us that we should only have sexual relationships with someone we see as our future spouse.

The messages that children are taught about sexual intercourse play an important part in how they will grow into their sexual selves and express (or not express) their motivations.

Society's views on sexuality are influenced by everything from religion to philosophy, and they have changed throughout history and are continuously evolving.

Male: Males don't understand the emotions that females are going through. Males are laid back and aren't focused on everything going wrong. Males worry more than females when it comes to asking out someone.

Female: Our emotions are more heightened when it comes to commitment. Females are more insecure than males when it comes to being in a relationship. Females make a bid deal out of everything. We overreact with the smallest things.

For males it's more of a physical battle of getting the guts to ask a girl out while females have more of an emotional battle of insecurity towards themselves and trust issues towards the guy.

Guys and girls shouldn't pretend to be someone their not, they should both have manners, guys should make the girls feel special, loved, and wanted.

1. Don't be on your cellphone during the date.

2. Don't do the fancy dinner cliche be more creative.

3. Have an idea of what you are going to do in the date don't go into it blindfolded.

4. Don't go all flashy when buying her gifts buy or make something from the heart.

5. Don't stress to much just go with the flow and don't over complicate things.

6. Us girls should be more open minded and don't go with the first conclusion that pops into our heads.

7. Don't blame the guy and make him feel guilty about everything that goes wrong during the relationship.

8. Don't compare him to other guys. Love him for trying even if he messes up.

9. We shouldn't be afraid or shy to show the guy how much we care. Guys do a lot for us so we should do the same.

10. Don't shut the guy out when something doesn't go right. Talk it out with him until the problem goes away.

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