Sandlot: The Horror Movie - Shop This page is the shop for Sandlot: The Horror Movie.

The " You're killing me smalls" T-shirt for $15.00, This is a perfect shirt for any parents.
The " Legends Never Die" T-shirt for $15.00, Another great T-shirt to were around.
The " You play ball like a girl" T-shirt for $15.00, Another T-shirt to wear to baseball games.
The " The beast" T-shirt for $15.00, A T-shirt that shows that once something goes over the beast's fence you don't get it back.
The " For-Eh-Ver" Sticker for $5.00, A great sticker to put on anything.
The " You're killing me smalls" Sticker for $5.00, Another sticker that's perfect for any item.
The " You're killing me smalls" Coffee mug for $7.00, A great mug to show people you love The Sandlot.

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