P.E Curriculum Hoyland common primary school

Intent - Knowledge, skills and the National Curriculum

Our approach to the Physical Education Curriculum is that it is taught discretely outside of topic time to ensure depth and rigour, whilst being underpinned by the accelerated learning approach to teaching and learning. The key concepts, principles and themes from the National Curriculum have been developed into a range of progressive skills through which the children are helped to grow and develop to succeed in 21st century Britain. This skill-based curriculum allows a creative way of teaching and learning, enabling us to deliver a more practical and engaging curriculum, which meets both the academic and pastoral needs of all our pupils. The HCAT progression of skills documents support this and ensure that children are progressing upon previously taught skills each year.

The PE curriculum we offer is designed to meet the needs of all our pupils by providing purposeful contexts which engage our children. It is rich, varied, imaginative and ambitious and meets the needs of individual learners but can easily be adapted for pupils with additional needs. Through regular assessment, tasks are matched to the ability of each child through differentiated activities, providing a level of challenge that is stimulating for pupils.

Our annual 5 day Y6 residential to Thornbridge Outdoors takes place in the Autumn term, here the children are faced with challenging experiences and develop their resilience skills.

At HCPS, we have developed a comprehensive range of sporting opportunities, in school, across schools and in extra-curricular groups such as: multi-sports, boys & girls football and weekly running clubs.

At HCPS, we are incredibly proud of our sporting achievements through inter school competitions as we have won accolades in a wide range of competitions including netball, dance, cross country, football, hockey, tennis and many more!

Our aim is to promote the application of acquired skills and the variety of competitions that our children are offered. This ensures lessons are relevant to the skills that children need to be working on in order to succeed in the sporting opportunities at the end of each half term.

Implementation - Accelerated Learning

Physical Education is taught discretely and it is delivered to raise interest, self-esteem, creativity and aspirations of all our children. The curriculum is rich and varied, which provides our pupils with the skills required for life in the 21st Century. Within a lesson, a new skill is introduced, where learners have the time to practise this skill and then apply the skill to a game situation. This builds on the gather, skills, apply approach and delivery of lessons is taken across school to ensure children develop a deep understanding of specific skills and are able to apply these in a range of situations.

Y5 developing their Hockey skills.

The Accelerated Learning Cycle, based on the work of Alastair Smith, is applied in all lessons. It stems from the idea of a supportive and challenging learning environment. The cycle has active engagement through multi-sensory learning, encourages the demonstrating understanding of learning in a variety of ways and the consolidation of knowing.

One of the activities during our Y4 residential to Sherwood Forest is bike riding, at HPCS we aim to teach all of our children to confidently ride a bike by the end of Y4. We're even lucky enough to have a class set of bikes!

Ultimately, providing opportunities to allow children to be fit and healthy are at the heart of the PE curriculum offer that we provide to the children exploring a wide range of topics, to prepare them for life. This include: approved sporting competitions, extra-curricular sports clubs, residential stays and annual bike rides!

These opportunities provided through school via our PE curriculum has inspired and developed a new generation of successful competitors both locally and nationally.

Y6's enjoying the 10 mile bike ride
The children at HCPS benefit from the opportunity to participate many sport, exercise and recreational experiences. We offer Y4 & Y6 Residential visits, annual bike rides, Let's Get Active Weeks, Y1 & Y5 Bikeability, Sports Days and many weekly sporting events! (All across different key stages).
Climbing is just another additional activity that is led by HCPS staff and enjoyed by children during the Y6 residential.
Impact - Summative & Formative Assessment

Formative assessment is ongoing throughout each lesson. It judges progress and enables the teacher to make flexible adaptations to their planned teaching.

Through this regular ongoing assessment, tasks are matched to the ability of each child through differentiated activities, adult support, thus providing a level of challenge that is stimulating for pupils and questioning skills.

Y5 Bikeability develops our pupils confidence and skills to enable them to ride a bike safely on the roads.

INCERTS is used as a summative assessment for foundation subjects. The knowledge and skills-based curriculum is regularly highlighted to identify any gaps or misconceptions to be addressed or passed onto the following teachers.

Our Progressive Skills Curriculum
P.E - Progressive Curriculum Document Example