Delhi's 2016 Fog Menace fog has engulfed the national capital region in December itself, with temperatures PLUMMETING BELOW THE NORMAL

The national capital and its surrounding areas have been thrown out of gear by the sudden drop in temperatures, and the resulting fog that has enveloped the region. With weather conditions not improving, this is the latest on the weather conditions in Delhi.

The current visibility is 700 meters, and the latest temperature is 21 degrees, with 60 per cent humidity

Normal life has been thrown out of gear in the circumstances, with schools and colleges reconsidering vacations for the winter.

Authorities at the Met Department have also clarified that due to decreasing wind speed, the air pollution is set to rise, with current air quality categorised as severe.

Traffic has been severely affected today, as it was in the last couple of days. With conditions persisting, many are now reconsidering their travel plans. 

Train routes have been majorly affected, as 94 trains have been delayed, while two have been cancelled. Many are being diverted to nearby stations like Agra and Rohtak.

6 international flights and 7 domestic flights have been delayed, while one domestic flight has been canceled. The Airport Authority of India has advised airlines to consider visibility before every successive take-off. 

Labourers are the worst affected, and many have taken to night shelters in the biting cold.

The severe cold is expected to persist till Friday, while higher temperatures are expected over the weekend.

Edited by Arnav Bhattacharya, and verified by sources

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