New Hampshire 13 colony Project

New Hammpshire

Cold Place and does Trade! But it's a bad place to farm. We have no place to farm but you are still able to farm a bit but not well.


The climate is cold but we have thick furred animals. We also are able to trade a lot because we are by the ocean.


We have fish,whales,trees,and furs. These are our natrual resources. When you go to get a job you should become a manufacturer.


People go fishing and sell resources to Europe.

You will mostly see Native Americans doing this because it's the biggest ethnic group we have in New Hampshire.


Education is sort of important. Kids go to school to learn about Christianity. But parents teach their children to read and write.

The religon of New Hampshire is Puritan. If you don't follow this religon then the people of New Hampshrie with have no religious freedom or tolerance for people that don't. We are very strict about our religon.


The Climate is cold but people can still grow a lot of foo, very efficiently.

A map of New Hampshire

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