Touring the Florida Museum of Natural History Olivia Izenwasser

Nature on Display

Underwater Exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History

The Underwater exhibit at the museum caught my attention immediately. The lighting in the room made it seem like you were immersed in the water. I live about 15 minutes from the beach at home, so it definitely made Gainesville feel a little bit closer to home. Since it is difficult to study the ocean without proper equipment, I feel like this exhibit gives us what the underwater would look like if everyone had the proper equipment. They also enlarged the animals to make them seem proportionate with us so we would know what they looked like at a larger scale. As a whole, the museum made us feel like we were part of whatever exhibit we were in.

Nature and Ethics

Butterfly Garden at the Florida Museum of Natural History

In the Butterfly exhibit, Leopold's view that we should love the land is definitely represented here. Before we enter the exhibit, we are told not to touch the butterflies or pick up the butterflies, but that it's totally okay if one lands on us. Because of these rules, we are allowed to observe the butterflies without disrupting them and their environment. When I was at the museum, there was a group of young children - you could tell they wanted to touch everything around them, but were under strict observation by the adults and knew they would get in to trouble if they did. My experience at the museum reminded me to protect our environment by not messing with it, and we can easily observe the world around us.

Nature and Human Spirit

Since the museum gives us an as accurate as possible view of nature, you almost feel like you are immersed in the scene you're in. Like I said above, we are given an up close view of the world around us, and since it is fake, we don't have to worry about the damaging the environment. When I was walking through the museum, I felt as though I was a kid (clearly because I posed like an elephant in the middle of a museum). It is definitely a fun way to experience the world around us.


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