Is Graffiti Art? I think that grafitti should be considered art seeing that in using spray cans and stencils you are basically creating paintings but in walls and in a more fun wacky way.

Graffiti is a form of epxression like painting and it can be easly made by anyone and that is great because you dont have to be a proffesional painter to be able to paint something.

Graffiti is as beutiful as art
Anybody can draw a graffiti if they wanted to
In conlusion i think graffiti should be considered art because they are both a way to express yourselve through painting
Everybody can tag their names in their own artistic way.
Created By
Zafit Olea Padilla


Created with images by Bryan Pocius - "5 Pointz Graffiti" • ShonEjai - "background graffiti grunge" • Ningbo Ningbo - "Graffiti, Lisbon" • Skitterphoto - "street art graffiti" • ShonEjai - "background graffiti grunge" • yvescosentino - "Wash your brain!" • Tracy Hunter - "Lisbon Graffiti" • raffaelesergi1977 - "more graffiti 021"

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