Hard But Trying to keep up

Week 15: Artistic - Hard

Hard is both an adjective and an adverb. As an adjective, some of the synonyms for hard includes solid, rigid, unbreakable, unyielding and dense.

Keeping up with 52 Week Photography Challenge is in itself auduous, but the motivation to take photos every week to practice and improve makes it all worthwhile. Keeping up with a theme every single week keeps you on your feet and have the camera constantly within reach.

As an adverb, the synonyms compliment the efforts with examples like: diligently, conscientiously, assiduously and more.

I took over a dozen shots on the topic this week. Not the most interesting but relevant to the theme and how I see its relation to the theme.

I'm still one week behind but these weekly excercises allow and makes me attempt to shoot what I've never done before, especially when it is a technical subject.

Once mixed, the mortar sets hard
Sedulously determined

The resolute of this photographer going up the mountains to shoot, during a snowboard competition shows tenacity even when it is hard.

Deeply rooted

Unfaced by the spring runoff erosion, the roots from this tree clings firm to rocks, stone and dirt to stand strong and resist the pressure of failure.

Hammer Drives Hard

You will never care to know this unless you are a mechanical engineering student. There are 23 different types of hammers that delivers impact to objects in different ways. If really curious go to here.

Safety Hard Hats
Big Solid Rock
Smaller Solid Rock
Hard bristle brush pad driver
Steel reinforcement rod for concrete

Like re-bars, our very own upbringing, believes and experiences acts as the foundation of who we are. When these life patterns are firmly in place, we become unshakable in calamity.

Hardwood and rings

Perhaps someday, like these tree rings someone may be able to tell my own Photography "Dendrochronology" (scientific method of dating tree rings) 😜

See you again shortly in Week 16 🤥

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