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Background information:

Martin Heinrich Klaproth discovered the element Uranium and its symbol U. Klaproth discovered uranium when he was studying the mineral pitchblende, which is a form of uraninite, Klaproth has dissolved the mineral pitchblende in nitric acid, then added potash to obtain a yellow precipitate. Such characteristics where not know yet at this time. Klaproth had concluded that he had discovered a new element Uranium, which he named after the recently discovered plant Uranus, but Uranium was not fully isolated until 1841 when a French chemist named Eugene-Melchoir Peligot isolated Uranium metal by heating uranium tetrachloride with potassium. In 1896 radioactive properties were discovered by Henri Becquerel.


Image of Martin Heinrich Klaproth- http://deadscientistoftheweek.blogspot.com/2009/11/martin-h-klaproth.html

Structure of Uranium:

-Uranium's Atomic number is 92, Uranium's atomic mass is 238.02891, there are 92 protons in Uranium, there are 92 electrons in Uranium, and 149 neutrons in Uranium, Uranium has no stable isotopes but 2 primordial isotopes (uranium-238,uranium-235) these are mostly found in the Earth's crust.





Natural Sources of Uranium:

Uranium is usually found in low levels within all rock,soil, and sometimes even water, but it usually found as uranium ore. Other uranium minerals can be found in various deposits such as carnotite,tyuyamunite, and autunite. Uranium is also found in supernovas, but rarely occurs as its pure form. Uranium is usually found as uranium ore which can be found in veins or other lenses in the igneous rock, metamorphic or sedimentary rocks.




Major uses of Uranium:

Uranium bomb

Uranium is mostly used by the military to power nuclear submarines and is used in nuclear weapons. Depleted uranium (uranium-235) is a dense metal than can be used as ballast for ships and counterweights for aircrafts. Uranium is also used in hospitals as shields against radiation when you get an X-ray.





Additional information:

One scientific fact about uranium is that it is naturally radioactive and it has an unstable nucleus.

One fun fact about uranium is that every human has about .0001 mg uranium inside their body





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