Babirusa Amazing Animal

Babirusa is type of mammal that has a tusk.

Babirusa is an amazing animal. Mostly, it lives in Indonesia. It eats fruits, berries, roots, and insect larvae. It's about 2 feet tall at the shoulder, and it's 3 feet long. Babies begin eating some solid food at about 10 days old and babies are not striped like other wild piglets.

Babirusa is eating grass.

Babirusa's tusks are special teeth that grow in their mouth. Their tusks are facing sky like Elephants.

People took the Babirusa's tusks off to keep Babirusa safe.

Babirusa's scientific name is Babyrousa celebensis.

Scroll up and down. You will see the Babirusa's picture.

Babirusa is a type of pig. I never knew that because it has two tusks. I couldn't believe that.



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