Daphne's Tour of Ancient Greece! Let's go on an adventure!

Get ready to go on an ancient adventure, through Greece!

Here is the pantheon! One of the most popular ancient places, still around today! And did you know that the word Pantheon, is a Greek adjective that means "Honor all gods"?

And here's a quite delicious pantheon, made of cake!

Oh, hey it's medusa, please refrain from looking into her eyes!!!

Medusa is a gorgon, one of three sisters. The sisters have a power, whenever someone looks at them, they turn into stone.

And this is the map of the underworld! Where the Grecian spirits rest, and where Hades lives. It is divided into three main lands, Asphodel, Elysium, and The Mourning Fields.

The Olympian gods and goddesses symbols, each one is very unique!

Ooh! Zeus's fist, and his lighting rod, I'd stay away if I were you, the king of the gods isn't the brightest...

And at last we have Poseidon's trident, yikes! It is very powerful, and has the power to create earthquakes, tsunamis and other disasters.

I'm afraid that's all the time we have today! Please come again, and good look on your next journey!


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