Outshine. The BPG Brand Journey

Berkeley Patients Group is America's iconic medical cannabis institution. Since 1999, our success and longevity remain a testament to the mindfulness and grace with which we serve our members. Our continued success hinges on our ability to challenge the status-quo into the future and provide our community with exceptional service, unparalleled value, and a consistent familial experience.

At BPG, our people are our greatest assets.

We love our humans.

What's in a brand?

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another. What are some of your fondest memories of BPG?

Brands are made up of memories and emotions.

Where do we go from here?

When we set out to redevelop the BPG brand, we never imagined we would learn so much. At first, we searched deep within ourselves for a solution. Believing that there was one simple answer to such a complex task, we focused our efforts on developing new ideas about who we are and hoping something would stick. What we learned from our feedback sessions was something incredibly profound: It seemed everyone we spoke to had a different idea about what BPG means to them. From our oldest employees to our newest members, BPG fit into everyone's life narrative in a unique way. Everyone's connection to BPG was personal to them. Our stories are as diverse as we are. And this is what makes BPG so great.

Our diversity is our greatness.

At that point, our solution to the brand redesign became very clear. We had to listen to the stories of everyone around us and distill from them the underlying common denominator. The common foundation that everyone built their stories around came back to one simple theme: family.

Welcome to our refreshed BPG brand experience...

At BPG, you are family.

Welcome to BPG.

Be family.

Since 1999, BPG has championed access to safe and affordable medical cannabis for thousands of people. That's no small thing and neither are you. Thank you for joining the cause, there is strength in numbers.

You are valued.

Our Promise to You

Be confident.

We want you to have an exceptional experience every time. If your experience is less than perfect, please let us know. We will always make it right.

You are cared for.

Helping Hands

Be compassionate.

The people who need medical cannabis the most are those who often cannot afford it. Keeping the needs of our community in focus, we created Helping Hands--a needs-based care program that we have proudly offered to our community since our founding in 1999.

You are supported and loved.

Some memories from our journey to this new brand experience...

Our Welcome Kits were printed locally in Oakland by Everett Graphics.

Laser-printed proofs are on hand for the press manager to reference during the job.

Everett Graphics mixes all colors on-site in their ink lab. Pantone colors are mixed to a perfect richness and consistency--every time.

Production proofs are spot-checked against the color swatches to ensure the proper hue is being achieved with every print.

Early proofs have to be compared against the original artwork and then print presses have to be dialed in to produce the robust colors we were looking express.

Each box begins its life as a flat sheet of 18pt recycled "bending chip" craft paperboard.

BPG Marketing was on-site during the print run to ensure the job ran according to our expectations.

The Everett Graphics team works together to review the job specifications and dial in the press.

BPG Welcome Kits are printed on large offset printing presses. The press applies colors to laser-cut metal plates and "presses" those plates onto the paper stock running through it. Each plate press represents a single color on the box.

The press manager checks the richness of the grey.

Once final approval is given by BPG Marketing, the job is allowed to run through the press. The press can print 10,000 units in about 20 minutes.

Check out this video of the press printing the Welcome Kits.

The final quality check is complete. Now the boxes can move onto the die-cutting process.

The machine pictured here is a die-cutter. This machines use large wood and foam dies to cut the boxes to shape once they have been printed onto the flat sheet. The next step after cutting is gluing the boxes together.

This machine bends the paperboard, applies glue, and seals the printed flats into their final box shape.

Our finished order is stacked, counted, and boxed for delivery.

The entire print process with Everett Graphics is very waste-conscious. All leftover print scraps get baled and recycled.

Finished Welcome Kits sit waiting to be distributed.

Thanks for being a part of the BPG family.

BPG Marketing would love to hear what you think about our refreshed brand experience. Let us know by dropping us a quick message at marketing@myBPG.com.

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