Seeking the Good Life at the Harn Hannah griffin IUF1000 spring 2017

Medium of Art/Technique of the Artist: Seeing the artwork pictured below (The Distressed Palm) in person allowed me to notice the texture of the painting. The strokes are raised, instead of flat on top of the canvas. Seeing the texture and style of the painting was more effective than seeing just the shape of the painting - it communicated that even the things that seem to be simple have worries and stress. It made me feel connected to the natural world, as if human beings share the feelings of stress with elements of nature.
Design of the Museum: Personally, I found the Asian Art wing of the museum to be particularly appealing! The lighting was very calming. Upon entering this wing of the museum, the vibe changes drastically. Unique flooring and walls add to the cultural significance represented within this wing. The art was arranged in separate groups of Asian cultures. Use of outdoor areas made the exhibit seem very put-together and satisfying. The exhibit genuinely made me feel relaxed and viewing the pieces on display gave me a raw appreciation for Asian art.
Art and Core Values: One of my core values is location. This painting, titled Sheep Wranglers, helps explore this core value as it shows that landscape can have a profound effect upon the people experiencing it. It instills a calm and controlled attitude while the world is still moving fast around me. Additionally, it makes me an even firmer believer that where you are can truly affect your mood and your attitude, regardless of what else might be going on in your life.
Art and the Good Life: The Primary Series, pictured behind me, conveys the capital T truth - that we see things and think about things from a perspective chosen by ourselves entirely. The expressionist paintings are amorphous and suggest different imagery to each person who views them. We choose whether we want to see random ink blots on a canvas, or a deeper meaning. It adds to my understanding of the Capital T truth by helping me realize that there is always more than one way to look at anything - even something as simple as ink spots.

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