Transcendentalism Project True self is without Form, (Zenyatta)

1. Nonconformity “The fault-finder find faults even in paradise” (Thoreau)
In September 13, 2016 Bioshock, “We All Make Choices… But In The End Our Choices Make Us.” Andrew Ryan’s last words of nonconformity when he finally decides to leave the outside world. He did not like the government, he did not like to pay taxes so he decided to build his underwater Ethiopia. The Government have pushed Andrew too far, he did not racism, taxes, laws so he decided to take the journey of a lifetime which is to the "North Pacific Ocean". There he have written his destiny on a tombstone. He fought for what wanted to have he lived the life of a runaway, but still his own very creation and dreams have sunk into a bottomless pit of sorrow and regret.
Self Reliance
“Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string”(Thoreau).
In February 21, 2012 Asura’s Wrath, Asura’s Final words that ever made sense was, “I Pray To No One!... Nor I Will Be Prayed To.” He never relied on anyone but himself. He Died by mostly just relying on his own strength and believing in himself. Betrayed by the family that rescued him for turmoil, his only reason to live was to maintain his wife and daughter protected at all cost. Later as years went by his own family members thought he was a cog with no rotation in the family so they disposed of him. Then as 12,000 years passed he came back to life and defeated one of the most powerful family members solo in order to have his vengeance. He was very independent and well trained by his father he was even able to defeat the god of all life "Chakravartin" then as he killed his only source of power that kept him alive he managed to keep his daughter safe but at the cost of his wife's life. So in the end his own beliefs guided him to where he is now. So he decided to survive by his own account and decided to rely on himself and himself only. (Asura: Who do you think you are?) (Yasha: God...)
Importance Of Nature
“Though it is now dark, the wind still blows and roars in the wood… and the repose is never complete. The wildest animals do not repose, but seek their prey now…” (Thoreau)
June 21, 2013, World War Z This Quote came out in the movie was “ MOTHER NATURE IS A SERIAL KILLER, NO ONE’S BETTER, OR MORE CREATIVE. It Expresses that mother nature is the only one and will be the only one that is creative and better at keeping nature as it is today. Nature shall soon take over societies bridges, homes, oceans, the skies everywhere. Nature is the one thing that may link a man or a woman to really know what its like to be nature. Because what comes out from nature comes back to nature.
Favoring Intuition over Reason
I say beware of all enterprises that require new clothes…” Walden”,(Henry David Thoreau)
December 19, 2001 In Lord Of The Rings Gandalf The Grey mentioned, “All We Have To Decide Is What To Do With The Time That Is Given To Us.” What is he trying to say is that one should always find a reason by intuition. Gandalf The Grey always found and always will find a way to influence his friends or people around him with reasons that always make sense.
Simplified Life
Live your life. Do your work. Then take your hat.” “Conscience,” (Henry David Thoreau)
In September 11, 2015 Infected Mushroom an electronica band had published a song called “Stuck In A Loop” this song songs repeats a quote that goes by “ We talk and we walk again… The day is even more gray… Stuck in loop forever… we should be stuck in a loop.” What’s the quote trying to explain is that the man once met love, he wanted to go back in time to stay with her and have a simpler life and a love relation instead of being stuck in loop of depression and grief. The vocalist in some of his songs, he sings in a low tone voice as if he was depressed or or happy, The majority of the bands songs are merely depressive in a state that it continuously repeats the same words multiple times but another kind of upbeat songs appear after the depressive one's. In many observances it has been seen and heard that in the vocalists words and tone he is happy but looses hope because of how hard life is, That all it states in that only song "stuck In A Loop."
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