GML Corp We are united to help the homeless by assisting them in getting off the streets and getting jobs. by finding proceeds to provide showers, clean clothes, and other assistance.

According to Soapboxie "Nationwide, employment rate is about 44% for people without homes" (ShayThis, Kylyssa). Is only a small percentage of homeless people who do have jobs. This means that 66% of homeless people do not have jobs. This is the problem because if homeless do not have a way to find income they will never get off the streets. That is why we need to start the GML organization to provide the necessary materials to the homeless to aid them in a job hunt.

As homelessness is growing more and more blanket solutions are provided costing millions of dollars but solving no problems. That is why we need to bring attention to the people to help the cause. They more and more attention brought to homelessness the better solutions that can be provided. If we get help from communities rather than government the more effect the solutions will have. The Huffington Post says, "In order to get a job, people must be clean and they must wear clean clothing. Even at McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants employees are required to be clean. County, state and federal rules and regulations provide the standards by which fast-food restaurants must abide for the health and safety of their patrons" (Schanes, Christine). This is why GML want's t help find a solution.

Our plan is to have buildings in high populated homeless areas and rent clothes, offer resume help, a place to clean up and help them with interviewing. We need proceeds because with all the money people donate we can buy clean new clothes for them, bathing supplies, shoes, toiletries, and tutors. If we raise at least $100,000 in one year we can open up one of our GML corps to help out the people in need providing a direct solution not a blanket solution. The first city we will be building in is New York. This is because "Thirteen percent of all homeless people in the United States live in New York City" (Elliott, Megan). Then following New York we will go to the second most highly populated homeless state of California.



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