Good Life Nature Activity Kate DOnlan

Nature on Display- The butterfly exhibit stood out to me a lot. It was such a beautiful exhibit and made me feel one with nature. It is amazing how they had many types of flowers and butterflies in the area. I could also tell how serious the museum was about the butterflies’ safety. They made us open one door at a time, and emphasized the importance of watching where we walk, in order to not step on them. The running water features and numerous flowers caught my attention. The creators could have just put butterflies in the room, however they turned it into a beautiful exhibit. I also enjoyed how they showed the cocoons forming and the different steps in the butterflies’ life cycle. This made me stop and realize that the natural world is much more than just humans. Each living species has a life cycle and different ways of living. I found the display enjoyable because it made me realize how amazing life is and all the species in it.
Nature and Ethics- I love Leopold’s call on us to “love, respect, and admire” the land. The energy conserving exhibit reminded me of how much myself and others take advantage of the land. This exhibit was appealing because it tells us how much energy we use, but it also gave examples on how to cut back on energy usage. The museum did a great job of connection the idea of conservation into the displays of nature. The museum, especially this exhibit made me want to do my part to conserve the Earth. My generation is responsible for the future of this planet because we are going to be the ones living in it.
Nature and the Human Spirit- The display that showed the first inhibitors of the gulf coast area made me appreciate nature. When they came to the land, they had nothing. They built their houses out of sticks and mud, and got their food from hunting. They appreciated the land more than society does today. The museum helped me step out of my ordinary lives and realize that without the land we would have nothing. The Earth is always changing and one can solely live off the land. I think that is amazing and makes me appreciate it more.

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