the Louses, the Sonuvabitches

THEY ARE so damn obnoxious and rude. Those who bully, act like they are on top of the “social hierarchy” or something. It really bothers me. It really does. Those phonies taunting people who can’t defend themselves. You know, making fun of them for being different of sorts. I would be lying if I didn’t feel guilty about. I really am telling the truth. I call them cowards for bullying. I am the coward too.


It makes me sad actually--for I can’t find the guts to speak up. You can agree that there are two categories of bully witnesses. You know, the watchers and the helpers. And how I can goddamn wish to be the lucky bastard who can come up with the right words to say to that moron’s face. Or maybe just the stupid bravery I can’t seem to obtain. I sympathize and all for the ones being bullied. I really do feel sorry. It crushes me to see pain but all I can be is a lousy watcher. Maybe I’ll try to be a helper, you know be the hero for once, but I’m stuck being yellow. I’m not kidding. You have to know I’m quite the quiet person. I really am. My thoughts do speak much more than my actual voice. There was this kid once. The buff and all type. Really could be popular with the crowd. But he would mock and pick on others. What's even the point? Not the friendly joke type of “pick on” either, if that’s even a thing. The poor kid (not the buff one) could only stand there confused, not knowing that there was a phony five feet away acting like a goddamn jerk. God does it really bug me. It was not funny. You know what funny is, like the knock-knock joke type or maybe the clumsy one among your friend group type. Not the indecent, hurtful type people like that goddamn buff kid finds funny.

Be a prince and help.

If you want to know the truth, I really wanted to call him out. Tell him how much his crap words were disrespectful. You know how it ends though. Words stuck in my head, not being able to speak. I really wanted to though. You have to believe me. I really did. I think someone who gets bullied would really appreciate the help, you know, relieve them of the unfiltered, hateful words they have to hear out of those idiot’s mouths. I’ll really try to one day and be the helper. I will allow my voice to be heard. I just have to be so damn timid and yellow. I despise the color yellow. I really do.

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