President Trumps Protest By max johnson

Todays modern inequality

From back in the day to todays society, a lot has changed, some for the better or the worse. In todays world, people have to worry about safety because of their skin color. People have changed their views thanks to the March On Washington. The picture you will see represents what we together have come to, making a change for a new, better life. Latinos are worried about what they look like rather than who they are, thanks to president Donald Trump. We now know how to come together in a way of peace, yet still standing up for what we believe in, rather than give up and side with a in-evident idea. The Donald Trump protest relates back to the civil rights movement because of the great people that helped. Others back then marched for their side, even if it hurt them physically and/or emotionally. Today some stand strong together for what they believe in, even if the majority is not quite there with them. The goals of each protest relate to the civil rights topic because they all want to accomplish peace and fairness with no injustice. Then again there are always obstacles that some have to overcome, with no way around it. This might include fights that broke out from people on the other spectrum of belief or riots started from the others that disagree with them.

Background information

On March 11th 2016, A riot broke out from protesters filled with violence. The whole reason people started fighting back was because of others aggravating them. "We want equality, We want our rights" people screamed. What lead to this event should be pretty evident, but the protest started when Trump stated some very racist remarks, causing people of different cultures to fight back.

Goals that were sought after

From the start of Donald Trump's presidency race in the year of 2015, to present day, the protesters have gathered from all over the United States to fight and show that he should not be elected into power. Sadly, on November 9th, 2016, Donald J. Trump was voted into office. The Goals that have others have tried countless times to reach, never won. All they sought after was a different president than Trump. If there was a different outcome, such as winning, The fruit that would be grown would be orange


More people than you may think were and still are involved, even after he was elected. Many others stood at the trunk of the tree. MLK or Martin Luther King, was one of the most infamous people to live in history. He brought sense to the table. He lead the "March on Washington" and brought people to the realization of the racism that was happening. Today's world would be a much different place if we didn't have him as a representative for any ethnic backgrounds. In present day, there is nobody that has stood up yet besides the groups of ordinary people like us, fighting for what they believe in. All still stand strong through thick and thin.

Impacts and obstacles

The biggest obstacles are always the people going against you. Riots broke out due to the wrong people making the wrong decisions. Now this impacts the people who want to protest peacefully! They are trying to make a good change for everyone. Donald Trump also brought people down with his racist remarks and snotty words that attacked the tree.

The ever lasting impact

The outcome has yet to be determined. Protest still live on today from Trump, but the people have slowed down. The events from back then impact today because they have influenced people to stand up for what they believe in. The legacy and lasting effects from my event could be the hate that has grew for Donald, but only time can tell what the future holds.

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