My Visits to British Columbia, 2016 By Marcus McKay

This past year, I was fortunate enough to visit the Canadian Province of British Columbia not once, or twice, but thrice! I went to the Vancouver area a week before the Vernal Equinox, and the Okanagan Region during the Autumnal Equinox, and back to the Vancouver area in late October. I took my trusty camera to see what type of images I could capture!

the Aquarium and Stanley Park

In April, I got tickets to see the aquarium and took Miles with me to go see some aquatic life! They also had several varieties of birds and sea mammals!

These photos were taken in and around the aquarium and near and on Third Beach in Stanley Park.

the Pitt-Addington Marsh Ecological Preserve

I was browsing Google Maps and found a nature-ey area about 25 kilometers from where we were staying. I then laid in a course for a dropped pin and stopped a few and took some pictures! I went first in April and took Miles, and then in October I took Andrea to the same locations! It was very exciting because in October they were harvesting cranberries in that area as well.

These were taken in April
These were taken in October

The Capilano Bridge

This past April in an effort to rid myself of the fear of heights, I thought it prudent to cross The Capilano Bridge! It sits 70 meters (230 ft by the Queen's measurements) and is 140 meters long (460 feet long). I'm proud to say I made it both to one side and the other and lived to tell the tale!

Sea to Sky Gondola and Park

View of Suspension Bridge and Mt. Habrich

Just north of Vancouver by about 1 hour's travel by car, you can reach a town called Squamish, BC. Just south of the town there is attraction called "Sea to Sky Gondola" where you can take an 10 minute ride to 885 meters above sea level for some breath taking views!


For a day of fun, we thought it would be great to go Kayaking on the first day of Autumn! We had the most wonderful time learning to Kayak and experience the beauty of the Okanagan Region. Winds were too high for easy kayaking on the largest lake there, The Okanagan Lake, so we headed over to Sakha Lake and took in the sights there! We had the most wonderful guide, Lindsey with the Hoodoo Adventures organization, who made it a pleasantly memorable experience, plus took us on a tour of the Naramata Bench wineries there, and a great picnic style lunch!

Hiking Up to Rattlesnake Point, Kalmalka LAKE

While looking for a scenic place on Google Maps, I found this place that showed promise, so I drove to a park parking lot, and pointed my walking-directions app towards Rattlesnake Point. Eventually I found signs also leading the way so away I went! While walking up and up, I eventually reached a point where there was nowhere else left to go except up about 7 steps with a hand-rail for guidance! When I reached the top, it was exactly as I hoped it would be, a lovely panoramic view of the banks of the hills around the lake, and the lovely water as the lake waters move on both sides of the peninsula of Rattlesnake Point.


With a few hours of time to kill, and due to the fact I was already staying in a town that was the farthest north I've ever travelled to, Vernon, British Columbia, I decided to drive north on the BC-97 North road to set a new record! I the scenery was so lovely as every turn was another grand view. I eventually stopped and turned around just on the other side of a town named Grindrod, BC, Canada. The farthest north I've travelled to date is: 50°37'49.6"N 119°06'50.3"W


Golden Ears Provincial Park

This Provincial Park was about a 20 minute drive from where I was staying in October, and it looked quite lovely in pictures, so I had to go and see for myself! I liked it so much, that I had to go back and take Andrea with me!

Bridges Galore!

In and out of Vancouver and the waterways, there are some pretty magnificent bridges that have been created to provide an added visual treat to the mountains that are around. The ones I was fortunate to drive over are: The Lions Gate Bridge, Iron Workers Memorial Bridge, Golden Ears Bridge, Alex Fraser Bridge, Annacis Channel Bridge, Pitt River Bridge.

Traveling to British Columbia this year makes me more excited to get out and experience the views and meet people with different stories and backgrounds. And although I have taken great joy and pleasure in the opportunities I've had to travel, I certainly will not be complacent with only my experiences so far. I plan to go seek out new adventures in the coming year!

More pictures from places I've been to this past year. See you in 2017!
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