Next stop: Bethlehem. Will you join us? The international community of the holy sepulchre's October 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Supporters,

This month, we welcomed over 100 people to ICoHS through our “Creating a Community” event. It was encouraging to see people tuning in from around the world and thank you to all who were able to join us live. The event featured His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilos III, Bishop Hosam Naoum, Pastor Carrie Ballenger, and Father Ramzi Sidawi OFM. In the face of economic hardship, the speakers spoke about the continuation of their ministries, ranging from health care in Jerusalem and Gaza to ongoing social care in Bethlehem. If you missed the event, you can watch the hour-long program in its entirety below or on our website.

Although we cannot travel at this time, ICoHS wants to virtually take you to Bethlehem on November 19th. Our Bethlehem Star event will include live interviews with local Christians and church leaders, talking about how different the Christmas season will be this year and exploring ways that we, as an international community, can help.

The event will be broadcast live from our webpage on the day of the event, and no registration is required. For the event, we are holding a fundraiser to support Christians in Bethlehem. For every £10 donated (and up to £100), you will receive an ornamental star for the Christmas season, made by local Christians in Bethlehem.

For over two years I have had the opportunity to work for ICoHS and serve the ministries of the Churches in the Holy Land. It is with a heavy yet hopeful heart that I have handed in my resignation and accepted a new position in the Religion and Global Society unit at the London School of Economics.

It is hard stepping back from ministries that I believe so passionately in, but the tremendous potential of ICoHS and the wider team fills me with hope and confidence for the future. My last day with ICoHS will be on November 20th, and our wider team is well equipped to keep ICoHS moving forward. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me, and I look forward to seeing all that ICoHS is able to accomplish.

-Austin Tiffany, Director of Partnerships

The International Community of the Holy Sepulchre helps the Churches in the Holy Land raise international awareness of the challenges that Christians face in the region while promoting the flourishing of all people in the Middle East. To learn more, visit us at www.icohs.org.