Azul Adnan Photographer / Educator

I'm Azul and I'm a freelance photographer and educator. I teach photography at a couple of educational institutions and I also conduct workshops. I shoot photos for events, concerts, annual reports, corporate collaterals and the food and beverage industry. My favourite genres are travel, street and documentary photography.

Please have a look around. If you see any ideas you like, do contact me. Let's have a chat. Perhaps I can help you capture those precious moments or visualise your concepts. Let me help you tell your story.

By the way, I'm quite active on Instagram. I make it a point to post everyday. Do check it out for my latest photos/projects.

Peace be with you.

My love for street photography and travelling means I take my camera with me wherever I go. I may not use it every time but it's always with me, just in case.
Urban Landscapes
There's a story to be captured or told with every image. That's what I strive to achieve.
I try to observe beyond what's in front of my eyes. I try to see within the person I'm photographing or try to engage in a unique way with the scene I'm viewing.


  • Together with three friends, Azul Adnan had his travel photos presented as an art installation at the National Art Gallery Malaysia in 2012.
  • In 2017 two of his photos were exhibited in London and sold as part of the Photography on a Postcard show in aid of the Hepatitis C Trust.
  • In the same year he took part in the Street Photography exhibition at the Malaysia Tourism Centre (MATIC), organised by Street2Street.
  • In 2018 Azul was invited to participate in the Jeonju International Photo Festival in Korea. Five of his black & white street photos were exhibited.
  • From April to August 2019 one of his photos was exhibited at the Eyes on Main Street Photography Festival in Wilson, North Carolina, USA. This photo was also used as a poster promoting the festival.
  • Concurrently in May - August 2019 Azul held his first solo exhibition called “KL Urbanism” at MATIC, organised by the National Art Gallery. It consisted of 35 black & white images.
  • His photos have also been regularly exhibited at the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF).

Other info

  • Azul is a regular speaker at KLPF, Malaysia’s largest photography exposition.
  • He has been invited to sit on the panel of judges for several photography competitions, e.g. organised by Tourism Selangor, Malaysia Timber Certification Council and KL International Motor Show.
  • His works have been published in magazines (e.g. Digital Camera, Lonely Planet, Philippine Airlines) and newspapers (e.g. The Star, New Straits Times), and featured on websites (e.g. National Geographic, BBC, Levi’s).
  • His photos are being sold on stock websites like Getty Images.
  • He has written articles and provided photos for Advanced Images and GoAsia Plus magazines.


Azul Adnan