Must-Haves to Stay Alive in WWI Trench Warfare Tia eberly

Entrenching Tool


This trench tool is used in a variety of different ways in WWI. First, it provides relative protection against deadly weapons. Also, with this tool, you can dig into the ground to defend yourself from shrapnel and bullets. Although this happens rarely, you can sometimes use this as a weapon in hand-to-hand combat ("10").

Steel Helmet


Ever since new weapons were invented, better protective equipment had to be developed. Before steel helmets came about, the soldiers only used soft cloth caps that gave no protection against any weapon. This steel helmet has been proven to offer successful protection against shrapnel and other deadly items used in WWI. Although you could damage the helmet, they reduced head injuries by 75% ("10").



In previous wars, bright colored uniforms were utilized. Now, instead of getting found in a bright colored uniform and being shot, there is camouflage. Camouflage has largely increased the accuracy of rifles and artillery at a long range. Also, camouflage makes soldiers less visible, therefore allowing them to be less vulnerable ("10").

Gas Mask


Many chemical weapons are used in the war. Early gas masks consisted of a cotton pad soaked in chemicals with eyepieces that cracked. Gas masks contain glass eyepieces and a rubber tube that a solider can breathe through. These gas masks could provide protection to even the deadliest gases. Although the mask can cause some discomfort, it is better than dying from ingesting deadly gases ("10").

Mosquito Net


In previous wars, there have been many deaths from disease. This net was given to troops to protect them from different insects that could carry diseases such as malaria. Without the net, many soldiers would have died due to deadly diseases ("10").

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