cheetah BY:RILEY anger

Scientific name

Acinonyx jubatus


eastern and southern Africa and a few parts of Iran.


Cheetahs are medium-sized cats that focus on prey that can be taken by speed. Typical cheetah diet consists mainly of gazelles, especially Thomson's gazelles. They also take on impalas and other small to medium-sized antelopes. Sometimes, too, they prey on the calves of larger animals.

Physical decription

Physical Characteristics. The cheetah has a slender, long-legged body with blunt semi-retractable claws. Its chest is deep and its waist is narrow. The coarse, short fur of the cheetah is tan with round black spots measuring from 2 to 3 cm across.

Breeding information

Males associate with females only at mating, provide no parental care, and will mate with as many females as possible.

Special behavior

Cheetahs are solitary animals. Males are territorial and brothers will form small permanent groups called coalitions. Females are solitary and tend to avoid each other. They always hunt alone.

Weird interesting facts

name of a male is referred to simply as a cheetah. The name of a female is referred to as a she-cheetah. The name or offspring, or baby Cheetahs, is a cub. The average size of a litter is between 2 - 5 cubs. The sound made by Cheetahs is referred to as a growl, hiss or snarl.

The end


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