In Stevenson’s novel, the only presence of Mr. Hyde causes a sense of dislike and even hatred in people who meet him for the first time; this happens because he’s not, as normal humans, a set of good and evil bonded together in the same body, but he’s pure evil and this internal (psychological, of the soul) difference is perceivable by the senses. I can’t say wether it’s possible or not to feel a sense of hatred in those particolar circumstances, but in normal life I’m sure it isn't, or, better, it's never happened to me. We always have a First, positive or negative, impression when we see a person, we can judge him/her for his/her way of dressing, make a general idea about his/her behaviour and personality, we can put labels over many aspects of him/her (labels that may dissuade us from(?) knowing him/her better and more deeply), but I think it is not possible to feel such a strong emotion against somebody. In the same way, I can't believe in love at first sight, just because you can feel inexplicably attracted by a person, you can like him/her physically, but you cannot love him/her without knowing him/her quite deeply.


I have never felt such a strong emotion towards someone at first sight yet and I do not think I have ever really hated someone at all, but I think it is impossible to feel hatred for someone you just met. For emotions as strong as love and hate you have to get to know how a person acts around other people. However I am sure you can actually either feel pleasure or displeasure around someone based on the very first impression.


Is it possible to loathe by just looking at someone,

can we penetrate one’s soul by just glancing at a stranger?

Are we that great observers, and what does observer mean?

Is it someone who can see, through anything and anyone,

or who needs to keep looking, cause they know they can’t see all?

Can we really see what’s inside by just looking at the outside?

And what happened to the earing? Have we forgotten to hear?

No, we haven’t.

Have we forgotten to listen?


And is that enough?

Is it enough to look with our eyes, is it enough to hear with our ears?

Are we still able to listen, are we still able to see?

What about that passion we call loathing?

Can we loathe with our eyes, or do we also need our ears?

Can we loathe after we look, can we loathe after we hear?

How about after we see, how about after we listen?

What do we need our eyes for, if it’s not enough to see?

What do we need our ears for, if it’s not enough to listen?

Do we listen to the heart, do we try to see the soul?

Do we listen to our hearts, do we try to see one else’s soul?

Will we be able to loathe then? Yes, we will.

Will we be able to love then?


Sometimes it happened to me to judge someone at first sight but I've learnt that it's not fair to do this and it isn't useful at all. In fact when I knew more the person I judged right after we first met I realized that I was wrong about a lot of the ideas I had about them. For example once I met a girl that was new in my class and she introduced herself in a very impolite way and so I immediately thought she was a bad and impolite person but some time later I knew her better and I discovered that she was funny and nice although that day she introduced herself in a wrong way because she was nervous about meeting new people in a new school. So now before judging someone I wait until I know their real personality.

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