Tattoos on the <3 By: peyton meink

Chapter 6: Jurisdiction

This chapter's title is a bit confusing. The way "Jurisdiction" is used isn't really explained, as the name of the chapter came from a misuse of the word. A quick dictionary search helped get an understanding. We are all in God's jurisdiction, someone that rules over us. Not in a demanding way, but the way a boss tells his workers to do something.

My favorite story is Chepe and Richie's story in the restaurant, Coco. As a "rich white person," I have seen this happen, and try to avoid becoming part of the problem. I have also been to restaurants in which I feel out of place. When we went to Philadelphia a year ago, we went to a restaurant where I felt out of place, not being a native of the city.

Chapter 2: Dis-Grace

This chapter is called Dis-Grace, but not disgrace. It talks about how people who feel they are a disgrace, are actually feeling Dis-Grace, a lack of love and confidence. My favorite story was Danny's lie to Father G. I liked the way Father G dealt with it. He told Danny that he believed him until he confessed out of shame.

Chapter 4: Water, Oil, Flame

Water, Oil, Flame are the parts of the sacrament of baptism. This chapter is about rebirth, like the sacrament of baptism. My favorite story is the very first story. The unnamed kid went to get baptised, he said "I WANT TO BE A BAPTIST." This is just a funny story used as a sort of comic relief from all of the deep topics in the book.


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