Wednesday of Holy Week April 8th, 2020

A Reading from the Old Testament

• Isaiah 50:4-9 •

A Reading from the Psalms

• Psalm 70 •

A Reading from the Epistles

• Hebrews 12:1-3 •

A Reading from the Gospels

• John 13:21-32 •

A Prayer

Holy God, you call us, as your people, to sustain the weary and protect the oppressed. Uphold us in this commission and strengthen us, that we may not only speak our prayers, but act on behalf of their fulfillment. Grant that we may be counted as members of the great cloud of witnesses who live with justice and compassion, and that reveal your divine glory before all people. Keep us steadfast even in our fear and uncertainty, that we may follow where Jesus has led the way. Amen.