The Steam Engine was very significant in history. It made it a lot faster to get supplies from one place to another, also got people to get from one place to another place a lot faster than before. So it really just help things to go faster than before. Before it would take many months to get things from one place to another.

How did this effect people directly?

Items of food and other things where less expensive.

How did it affect the country?

More people moved west.

"This created new jobs"(Davis and Collins, First paragraph).

"The advent of the steam locomotive and railroad"(Davis and Collins, First paragraph).

"The steam engine revolutionized travel in western Europe"(

"Children started working along side of adults"(

When did this change happen?

This change happened in the 1800's. And created lots of new machines.

Why did this change occur?

So we could get thing from one place to another faster. And to provide more jobs. And help with westward expansion.

What else was happening at the time this occurred?

The Louisiana purchase and Lewis and Clarks expedition.

Did it affect the North or the South more?

It affected both it made it faster for people to move, so more people did. And created more jobs for people.

How did this affect westward expansion?

Made it faster for people to move west.


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