General Motors Comparative Analysis Report

Balance Sheet

General Motors

  • Long-Term Asset % Buildup
  • Current Asset % Decline
  • Increased % Deffered Income Tax
  • Sizable drop in % Total Equity
General Motors is investing more in the long-term. This could signal coming growth for the company.


  • Higher % Inventory than GM
  • Higher % Property, Plant, & Equipment
  • Extreme amount of Additional Paid-In Capital
More investors were willing to pay above and beyond the par value of Tesla’s stocks compared to GM or Ford


  • Trends similar to General Motors
  • Less % Inventory on Hand
  • Heavier debt financing
Ford comes in at 8% less equity than its competitor, meaning that they are financed heavily by long-term and short-term debt.

Income Statements

General Motors

  • Automotive sales = primary source of revenue
  • Disadvantages: high % Selling Cost, low % Operating Profit
  • Advantages: Sizable % Deferred Income Tax
  • Highest Net Income
  • Highest EPS
Their earnings per common share were also the highest in 2015, demonstrating a strong bounce back after the 8 million car recall in early 2014.


  • Lowest % Net Income (-23%)
  • Lowest % EPS
  • Very high % operating cost


  • Similar characteristics to General Motors
  • No Deferred Income tax
  • % hovering right at industry averages

Return on Assets

With such a high Net Income, General Motors was able to achieve the highest ROA of the three analyzed companies at 6%, compared to Ford’s 3% and Tesla’s -3%.
  • Deferred Income Taxes
  • 3% higher than Industry average
  • Demonstrates efficient use of long-term assets.


General Motors shows a promising ability to squeeze every drop out of the capital they are putting in to their business
  • GM: 17.06%
  • Ford: 4.32%
  • Tesla; -29.82%
  • High Growth potential
  • investor confidence

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