Book Commercials Using AdobE spark video and Aurasma

I want other people to share my book and feel how good it is - Megan (age 11)
By having a book commercial on the tough books, it will help push you through the "Danger Zone" faster because you know [the book] well and know that something good is coming - Isabel (age 11)
How do we get students passionate about reading?

Creating good readers means creating passionate readers.

Without getting them to want to read, we can't get them to be better at reading. We need to create excitement, which drives reading, thereby driving achievement.

Taking one more test won't get one more kid to read one more book. Reading one more book will - Kylene Beers

Ways to Create Passion

  1. Student choice over books: Give students control over what they read. Don't choose for them. Trust them.
  2. Student choice over seating: Create a comfortable and choice driven classroom. Give them options and let them choose.
  3. Student choice over time: Give them control over their time. Give them tasks, but let them control how and when they do those tasks.
  4. Give them good books: Put as many of the best books in their hands as possible as often as possible. (Here is where book commercial come in).
  5. Encourage them to read as much as possible. My class reads 40 books per student per year.
  6. Talk about why we read: We don't read just to pass test or be better readers. We read because we want to grow, change, and see worlds and lives we could never otherwise see.
A reader lives a thousand lives... The man who never reads lives only one -George R.R. Martin, A Dance With Dragons

Book Commercials

Book commercials are book talks that are highly engaging, multi-media, and permanent. Book commercials allow students to share books that they are interested in, thereby creating passion and helping books go viral within the classroom.

They also serve as a way of encouraging other reading and writing skills. They get students thinking about elements of story such as character, setting, and plot.

Book commercials also get students thinking about how to write persuasively. They must consider what to write in order to get someone interested in the book without giving away too much.

Sometimes students want to work together and co-create a commercial. In these cases, students have deep literature discussions about the text as they negotiate creative decisions about what to include and how say what is best about the book.

Finally, book commercials are permanent. By creating them within the same app account, we create a permanent library of commercials that grows from year to year and can be shown regularly to keep interest in reading and books growing.

My class currently has over 190 commercials for more than 120 different titles.

Last year there weren't any book commercials so you didn't know what to read, so you just got boring books - Abby (age 10)

Adobe Spark Video is the perfect app for creating professional, polished, and engaging book commercials

Adobe Spark Video is simple to use.

Adobe Spark Video allows students to use and customize a variety of themes to guarantee they can match their movie to the theme of their book.

Adobe Spark Video has a wide variety of moving music to allow students to compliment their visuals with the mood or theme of their book.

At the elementary level students log in through my account, making me the proprietor of all book commercials and making sure I have a permanent collection of them.

Students love it!

It's super easy to use and how it looks at the end is awesome! - Leo (age 11)

Aurasma takes our book commercials to the next level

Better than a QR code, Aurasma allows us to turn the cover of each book into a QR code.

Multiple students can be linked to each cover, allowing prospective readers the ability to choose who's commercial to watch.

As long as books are marked to identify them in some way, students in class or in the school library only need to have their iPad with them in order to access the commercials.

Share With the World

When we are done with each commercial we share them on our class Twitter account

And sometimes, the authors will retweet us and write back!

MarcyKate Connely - Monstrous

Soman Chianani - School for Good and Evil

Matthew Cody - Powerless

Judy Blume

And many more!

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Jesse Buetow

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