Guatemala By Ava Hagge

The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City. Their population is 15,189,958. Spanish is the language they speak the most , but each indigenous group has its own language.

Guatemala City

The eastern-central portion of the country is hot and dry. In the lowlands, hot humid weather is much more powerful than the other weather. In the highlands, days are warm and nights are usually cold. Guatemala is just bigger than Iceland and just smaller than the U.S. state of Tennessee.

Natural Resources are soil, and petroleum. Two crops in Guatemala are 15,459,000 tons of sugarcane, and 200,000 tons of coffee. Two industries are Agriculture, and Tourism.

Two interesting animals include peccaries which are pig like mammals, and monkeys, including the howler monkey, spider monkey, and proboscis monkey. Interesting plants include, coniferous which is a type of flower, and fruit trees.


The people in Guatemala are Roman Catholic which has traditionally taken over Guatemala and was introduced by the Spanish during colonial times. Guatemalans tend to be generous, show affection, are polite and don't judge of other people's personality. Personal criticism , taken seriously, should be avoided. Clothing often is colorful. Secondhand clothing from the United States is popular.

Guatemala clothing

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