Haqdarshak Impact Report 2018

*All data from inception to November 30, 2018. We calculate benefit values as per an internal method validated by academicians. The amount considered as the benefit received is a one-time benefit. However many schemes have recurring benefits so in the long run the benefits will be higher.

Andhra Pradesh

6664 citizens informed about eligible schemes
1215 applications submitted
545 Haqdarshaks trained
Rs.20.3 lakh worth benefits generated from applications submitted; Rs.6.9 lakh worth benefits received by citizens

In Andhra Pradesh, our Haqdarshaks are helping citizens apply for documents and schemes like caste certificate, income certificate, construction labour cards, new bank accounts. The construction labour card is linked to many other schemes promoting labour welfare like the skill development training where masons get a free tool kit from the labour department.

Beneficiaries in AP receiving the toolkit


161 citizens informed about eligible schemes
83 applications processed
113 Haqdarshaks trained

In Assam, where we recently started operations, our teams have been working with women and the disabled with schemes focused on their welfare. For instance, our teams are working with he disabled to help them apply for social security, financial aid and health schemes.

Our team member Kishore, with a disabled citizen in Assam.


4915 citizens informed about eligible schemes
309 applications submitted
125 Haqdarshaks trained
Rs.2.6 lakh worth benefits generated from applications submitted ; Rs.2.57 lakh worth benefits received by citizens

Delhi being an urban centre, our strategy has largely been to work in slum communities and focus on basic entitlements like documentation and health camps. Our team has set up community centres in some of the most poverty-stricken localities in Delhi where we help citizens apply for documents like PAN cards, income certificates, schemes like pensions and arrange health camps for free health check ups.

An application camp in Delhi.


775 citizens citizens informed about eligible schemes
294 applications processed
74 Haqdarshaks trained

One of the key focus groups which we work with in Haryana is construction workers. These are typically migrants with no awareness about basic entitlements like bank accounts, PAN cards or insurance. We are working at construction sites in Gurgaon to sensitise construction workers and increase the awareness about documents and schemes. We also provide on-site support for application for various schemes.

An awareness camp at a construction site in Gurgaon


2723 citizens informed about eligible schemes
926 applications processed
206 Haqdarshaks trained
Rs.31.3 lakh worth benefits generated from applications submitted ; Rs.11.5 lakh worth benefits received by citizens

In Jharkhand our teams have shown great results by working with local authorities to push social pension schemes. We have helped citizens apply for widow pension schemes, old age pension schemes—entitlements which citizens were aware of but did not know how to apply for.

Madhya Pradesh

16,453 citizens informed about eligible schemes
9455 applications submitted
176 Haqdarshaks trained
Rs.2.1 crore worth benefits generated from applications submitted ; Rs.1.6 crore worth benefits received by citizens

Madhya Pradesh has been a stellar state for women empowerment. We have trained women Haqdarshaks in the state and provided them an opportunity to earn an additional income and become community leaders. For instance, Roshni belongs to a low income conservative family and has completed her BSc. She has helped over 200 of her community members access social welfare schemes. Another example is of Lalita who was earlier apprehensive to even speak to people, but has now helped 75 of her community members avail schemes by approaching the required government officials and departments.

Roshni and Lalita with beneficiaries in MP.


38,815 citizens informed about eligible schemes
7985 applications submitted
1415 Haqdarshaks trained
Rs.2.23 crore worth benefits generated from applications submitted ; Rs.1.67 crore worth benefits received by citizens

Maharashtra is one of our biggest states in terms of activity and impact. Schemes related to health and financial inclusion have a huge uptake in the state. Take the case of Hanumant Waghmare, a resident of the Mitki village in the Sangli district of Maharashtra. Waghmare's annual family income is Rs.30,000 and he wanted to get an angioplasty done which is he couldn't afford. Our Haqdarshak in his community informed him about the Mahatma Phule Jan Arogya Yojana which provides a financial assistance of Rs.1,50,000 to low income families for medical treatments. With this help, Waghmare recently got his angioplasty done.

Hanumant Waghmare with his hospital reports after the angioplasty.


19,295 citizens informed about eligible schemes
6830 applications submitted
1046 Haqdarshaks trained
Rs.6.66 crore worth benefits generated from applications submitted ; Rs.5.36 crore worth benefits received by citizens

In Rajasthan, we have integrated our technology with the government's 40,000+ E-Mitra centres spread across the state. Citizens just have to visit the centre to know about eligible schemes. Apart from that our on-ground teams have been helping citizens apply for schemes like the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, BOCW cards and the National Tuberculosis Prevention Programme, food security schemes among others. Our Haqdarshaks helped Dinesh and his family in Jaipur avail benefits under the National Food Security Act. The family is now entitled to a monthly ration under the scheme. Not only that, the Bhamashah Card that gets activated if one is a NFSA scheme beneficiary will cover them for medical treatment of upto Rs.3,50,000.

Our Haqdarshak in Jaipur with Dinesh and his family.

Tamil Nadu

4022 citizens informed about eligible scheme
2362 applications submitted
282 Haqdarshaks trained
Rs.2.6 crore worth benefits generated from applications submitted ; Rs.39.3 lakh worth benefits received by citizens

In Tamil Nadu we are working in the Tsunami affected areas to help citizens rebuild their lives. Our Haqdarshaks have helped citizens apply for schemes like widow and old age pensions, domicile certificates. We have been helping the elderly apply and benefit from social pension schemes. These pensions include old age pensions, widow pensions and disability pensions. Our beneficiaries were also a part of an event where the district collector of Nagapattinam gave away social pension benefits.

Our social pension beneficiaries in Nagapattinam.

Uttar Pradesh

5904 citizens informed about eligible schemes
3744 applications submitted
385 Haqdarshaks trained
Rs.1.4 crore worth benefits generated from applications submitted ; Rs.56.5 lakh worth benefits received by citizens

In UP, our Haqdarshaks have helped citizens apply for social pensions, PAN cards and construction labour cards. We also help citizens apply for private schemes. Ram Das was once a construction labourer in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh (UP). He had a bad fall from a building, and was disabled in the accident. He lives with his wife and four kids. With no earning member in the family and limited mobility, he was forced to beg. Our Haqdarshak in UP screened him and helped him apply for the Jaipur Foot Foundation scheme, a private scheme that provides assistance to people with disability. Das received the benefit—which includes a tricycle he can use to move around, some money and clothes for the family.

Ram Das with his family and the new tricycle.

Who are our Haqdarshaks?

We did an Acumen Lean Data Survey in August 2017, just after our operations began full-fledged. 80% of the sample size were women Haqdarshaks. Majority of them said in the survey that their confidence to deal with community members and government officials increased drastically after they started working as Haqdarshaks. This for us is women empowerment.

Our Haqdarshaks are typically women associated with community groups or self-help groups. They work on fields, at home, have kids to take care of and a family to tend to. Be it Koderma in Jharkand or Gondia in Maharashtra, these women put in enormous effort to serve their communities. For instance, Nalini Donde from Gondia cycles her way through villages so she can reach citizens even in the remotest locations and help them. Whereas in Delhi, our Haqdarshak Priti doesn't think twice before spending weeks at construction sites talking to male workers and helping them figure out their entitlements.

These are our Haqdarshaks and we are, because they are.

A Haqdarshak speaks

Who are our beneficiaries?

Our beneficiaries consist of citizens from varying age groups—right from below 5 years to 60 years and above. We believe that every citizen is entitled to their rights and the social welfare schemes exist in abundance to cater to a population of such a demographic. Thus, it is our aim to ensure that these schemes reach out to those sections of society for whom the schemes are made and help these citizens apply for them.

Majority of our beneficiaries are citizens who earn an annual income between Rs.10,000-50,000 i.e. they live below the poverty line. For them awareness as well as support to apply for schemes such as health benefits, gas connection, loan subsidies, educational benefits is essential and highly useful.

Data collected through our screening process shows that 38% percent of our beneficiaries do not have toilets and 55% do not own a pucca house. While schemes such as the Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana – Gramin which provides financial assistance for construction of pucca house and the Swacchh Bharat Mission to ensure a toilet in every home, there is still lack of awareness.

This is where Haqdarshak comes in, to bridge the gap of lack of information and provide handholding support to avail such schemes.

A beneficiary speaks

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