The Love of Beale Street Chauniece Anderson

As a child, I always remember listening to the blues. On Saturday mornings, my dad worked on automobiles in the garage, and my mother cooked and cleaned. On the other hand, I was listening to B.B King, Chuck Berry, Denise LaSalle, and Tina Turner on WDIA. After years of listening to Saturday morning blues, I grew a deep appreciation for the love of the blues. By age 16, my feet were burning to get to Beale Street. I wanted to know the history, how Beale Street looked, and why it’s a great tourist attraction.

Once on Beale Street, I saw a historical mark that read, “Beale Street is the home of the “Memphis blues,” which started in the 1920’s-1940’s.” In this time, Beale Street was filled with shops, restaurants, and clubs that were owned by African Americans. A huge number of black musicians began to perform on Beale Street. Music legends like Louis Armstrong, B.B. King, and Elvis Presley came to Memphis and helped create the sound now known as the “Memphis Blues. “This new sound really caught on quickly in club due to the unique sounds. The musicians use the Blues to tell their stories of love, joy, and sorrow about everyday life. B. B. King was also considered the most influential blues musician of all times.

When I looked down Beale Street, I saw so many building that seemed to come to life. There were huge bright neon signs blinking. As I passed by each place, I heard lots of jazz, hard rock, rhythm and blues, and even some rap. I glimpsed down and checked out the music legends’ Brass Notes Walk of Fame along the sidewalk. There are live bands, top-notch bars, and great smelling food on every corner. Beale Street has over twenty-five different clubs, restaurants, and shops. The Pig on Beale is my personal favorite, as they have the best BBQ money can buy.

Beale Street is a major tourist spot, because of its blues clubs and world class restaurants. Some of Beale Street’s, main attractions are Hard Rock Café, Wet Willies, and Coyote Ugly. The good music and food bring people together from all walks of life. This street is less than two-miles long but it’s Americans most iconic street. Beale Street is located in the heart of Memphis and entices people to visit with crowds of tourists, as well as locals. It’s an all-around amazing place for individuals and their family.

In general, my over all experience on Beale Street was incredible. On Beale Street there is so much to do and see. Now I understand the history of Beale Street, how the “Memphis Blues” was created, how it looked and how tourist come visit Beale Street to enjoy “The Blues”. The neon signs set a unique tone to the scenery street.


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