1st Amendment Rights: Avery Doninger By: Ryne Jaquet

1st amendment rights - Freedom of:

1.) Religion and of persecution for it.

2.) No abridgment of free speech (censorship)

3.) Freedom of the press

4.) Right to peaceful assembly

5.) Petition the government of grievances

This case involves the use of lewd, offensive language against a teacher. It brings up the act of free speech and in part, assembly. Avery feels her free speech, when she expresses over an internet blog, that her school official was "pissed off" and cancelled the school events her and a group of students were planning. She later referred to this official as a "douchebag" in her blog post. This language prompted the school to bar her for election for senior class officer. She believed that her first amendment right had been taken away, referring to a group of students in a New York school who wrote and printed a newspaper of the same nature and handed out after school in 1979. In this case, it is emphasized that she has the internet at her fingertips, where she can push this out for anyone to see, not just the people handed a newspaper. The school also acted on a t-shirt, that read "Team Avery", pushing for her election, and expressing support for her. Courts made the decision that since she had already been barred from election, that these shirts could not be used as a political campaign tool, and were in no wrong. They said the school already knows she can't be reelected so why worry about the shirts.

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