The US Constitution Constitution became a symbols of freedom not only to americans but to countries in europe and republics in latin america as well.

Popular Sovereignty: Popular Sovereignty is the idea that all government power comes from the people. We are the people who wrote the Constitution, who's had the power over government. Looking at Preamble: purpose of the government as set up by the constitution."We the people" have the power over government.

/Limited Government: The Limited Government has limited power , they is not above the laws, they powers is ''restricted, or limited''.In a limited government , the constitution specifically states the power given to each branch. The principle of limited government also refers to the rule of law. Art I , sec 2: shows the house of representatives shall be composed of members.Looking at Art I, sec 8: The congress has some power , but not all power.

Separation of Powers: Separation of Powers refers to the division of government responsibilities, the President is the head of the armed forces, but the President needs the congress agree.As an example: Art II , Sec 2: shows that the President is in charge of the military. Looking at Art 3, sec 2: shows the judicial power shall extend to all cases, in law and equity. The separation of Powers is divided by 3 branches: the Legislative the Executive , the Judicial branch. the constitution established a Supreme court and authorized congress to establish other courts as needed.

Federalism: Federalism divided power between a national government and the state government. The Federalism also reserves some powers to the state government. Just as the constitution divides power among the three branches of the federal government. Art 2, sec , cl 1: shows refers to the right of a court to hear a case.

Checks and Balances : The president has the power to make treaties with other national. Under the system o checks and balance all treaties must be approved by two thirds of the senate. Checks and balances each branch of government has the power to limit h actions at the other two.

Representative Government : Citizens elect representatives to government to make law. We choose a person to be our President.Art II , sec 1 : shows that electoral college votes for President. Art I , sec 2 : shows that the house of Representatives shall be composed of members chosen every second Year by the people of the several states.

Who is the Popular Sovereignty?

What would happen if the Limited government is not there?

What is the function of Separation of Powers?

Do you think the Federalism is a good or bad thing ?

What is the function of Checks and balances?

Who are the Representative Government?

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