Northern Burlington County Regional High School Homecoming Carnival Risk Assessment Kaelyn edwards

Location: Northern Burlington County Regional high school practice field (located adjacent to the tennis courts).

The Northern Cheer team at the homecoming carnival

Event Host: NBC's student council hosted the carnival on Saturday October 29th, 2016. The carnival goes from 10am-2pm

Northern's "spirit flags" located on campus

Northern's homecoming carnival is always a great way to kick off homecoming weekend. You'll be able to find many fun games at the carnival such as corn hole along with multilevel inflatables to play in. If you get hungry feel free to purchase something to eat from a club's (NHS, NBC Cheer) bake sale or grab a snack from one of the food trucks/concession stands on campus. Typically Rita's water ice is there along with the football boosters concession stand.

The Risks...

The Risks associated with the event are as follows:

  1. The weather (event is outdoors) - Natural Risk (Likely)
  2. The parking lot/street is very close to the actual carnival (someone could get hit) - Human Risk (Unlikely)
  3. Spectator rowdiness - Human Risk (Likely)
  4. Spectator dishonesty (not paying to enter the carnival) - Human Risk/Economic (Unlikely)
  5. Liability/insurance if someone gets injured at the carnival or if there is a medical emergency - Human Risk/Economic (Likely)
  6. Food vendors that come - Economic/Natural/Human (the profit made from the food vendors may not exceed the cost to put on the event. Having food trucks leads to the risk of a possible fire and/or explosion. The food may not also be prepared properly (food poisoning) (Unlikely)

Risk Management/Precautions

*These numbers below correspond to the numbered list of "Risks" outlined above*

Let's manage the risks!
  1. Move the carnival into the 500 building (minus the inflatables and food vendors)
  2. Hire traffic patrol in order to ensure safety
  3. Hire security in order to ensure spectator safetry
  4. Only have one entrance to the carnival (gate it off) and ensure that security keeps a close eye out that everyone is paying. Give out wristbands to those that have paid
  5. Have EMS on hand at the event just in case/follow safety precautions given from the inflatables company.
  6. Have EMS on hand at the event and follow all safety precautions given out by the food vendors. Crunch the numbers prior to hiring the food vendor in order to ensure that you will in fact make a profit.

Let's Talk To An Expert!

I contacted Mr. Wolverton to ask him about the risks associated with the homecoming carnival and to get some more insight about the event overall. Here's what he had to say:

Mr. Wolverton
  • He said the two biggest risks are the natural risk with the weather and the human risks with the inflatables and food vendors.
  • He relies on the individual vendors expertise in order to minimize some of these risks
  • The company told him the exact proximity that the inflatables should be from each other in order to ensure safety.
  • He was instructed to isolate the food vendors in order to also ensure safety
  • He did quality control f all of the food in order to make sure it was all prepared properly :)
  • 3 years ago they did not have any inflatables or food vendors (only popcorn and cotton candy). They added the food vendors and inflatables to step up their game and add to the event in an effort to bring in more speculators.
  • Although these additions did come with more risks it was a chance that they were willing to take in order to improve the event overall.


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