Active Learning Tech Integration

How do I integrate technology in the classroom?

We think and learn together.
Student Voice and Choice = Student Agency
It's a journey, still developing.
Starting on Day 1
So from the beginning: develop dialogue, collaboration, problem-solving.
Year-Long Goals: First day: How did we collaborate to succeed?

On first day: embed the tools, as in the community guidelines.

This blog post explains the process and purpose.

From Day 1 and Daily: Emphasize Citizenship: online and off
and begin the journey together
I reflect on how my teaching affected student learning, and students become experts, teaching others. Formative Assessments occur frequently through collaborative docs, spreadsheets, slides, Socrative quizzes -- and always feedback, reflection, debriefing, and conversation!
Sample Google Docs Feedback
Voice and Choice: Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Activating Their Own Meaning and Messages
Using Diigo for Research and Writing
Project Example: students also may choose Animoto, Thinglink, blogs, wikis, screencasts, iMovie, etc. according to their purpose and audience.
Students teach others in some way of their choice.
Engage: How do you?
Digital Identity Always
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Sheri Edwards


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