1-5 THE KISSING TREE Daryn Rayne & Cee Jay Cassidy

Letter one 6/11/18

Dear Abigail;

I know you find it strange that this letter was hand delivered to you by my sister. I could not trust that your parents would get a hold of it and you would never get to read it.

Please forgive me for taking so long to write to you. It took me three days to get all my feelings together to write this letter.

When I first met you, I didn’t like you very much. I thought you were stuck-up and arrogant. I used to call you poo-poo head when you weren’t around. I was six, what did you expect?

But I digress…

It wasn’t until high school when I realized how I really felt about you. You were dating Tommy at the time and my heart reconciled itself that we would never be together. It just wasn’t meant to be. Then the day came that he broke your heart. There you were, sitting on the swing hanging from the old oak tree behind the school, crying your eyes out. I was afraid to approach you. I didn’t know what to say, how to make you feel better about what happened. I felt… useless. I was about to walk away and leave you to your misery and sorrow, but I just couldn’t. The urge to make things better, overwhelmed me.

I went over to you and said the stupidest thing I could have said. I said; “Are you okay?”

A floodgate of tears came and I was so shocked and scared. All I could do is hold you and try to reassure you that everything would be all right…

The next thing I knew, we kissed under that tree. It was my very first kiss… It was so… nice.

I know you know all this, but I had to write it all out. I needed to remind me of the timeline between then and now…

I didn’t leave of my own volition. My parents found out about how I felt about you and they sent me away to live with my aunt. I know my parents and yours had a confrontation about us. It was all over town. I found myself on a bus a few days later.

My sister tells me that you’re not dating anyone. You just sit at home and languish. Please, don’t.

Languish… not date!

Soon, I will be of age to make my own way and my own decisions… all I ask, is that if you love me like I love you… wait for me.

I await your reply.




Keep this letter in a safe place. Don’t let your parents find it.

Letter two 6/12/18


I must be honest, upon your hasty leave, I thought you once again forgot about me. When your sister arrived at my door, my heart plummeted. For a brief moment, a flicker of hope blossomed unbidden at the thought that you could possibly have returned, only to be doused by the cold reality that you hadn't returned.

Since we are "spilling" our secretes, there is something I must confess. I have loved you all my life. My earliest childhood memory revolves around you and my love for you.

As we grew,I never thought we would be together. We went our separate ways and ran with different circles. For the longest time you were dating Cindy. Resigned to the fact that we just never would "be", I said yes to Tommy. The day you found me, I wasn't sad over my break up. No, as the tears rolled down my cheeks, tasting the salt on my lips, all I could think was that the one person I truly wanted I felt I couldn't have... you. And then there you were. Asking me if everything was ok. I felt the gods were playing a horrible trick on me for their amusement. Dangling what i truly wanted in life in front of me.

The next thing I knew your lips were pressed to mine. Your taste penetrated through the saltiness of the tears, combining with the minty taste of your gum causing an addiction i've never known before. The moment your tongue caressed mine, I felt electricity pass through my body, welding my soul to yours. In that moment, my heart was no longer mine, but yours. Forever binding me to you.

The day I learned they shipped you away, a part of me died. I felt as if I was missing from myself, however it strengthened my resolve. Our parents may have worked together, in an effort to keep us apart, but their efforts are in vain. For that was simply a battle in the war of our lives. And they will not master over our future.

You ask me to wait for you and my reply is this; Like the tide lives for the moon, I breathe only for you. My love for you will never wane, and neither will I. I will wait patiently for the day when we can be together.

All my love,


Letter Three 6/13/18

Here's my response... you tell me.

- - -

Dear Abigail;

You don’t know how much I suffered, waiting on your reply to my letter. The mind races with; ‘what if’? Did you receive the letter, did you ‘receive’ the message, did you care? I must honestly say that my hands shook and trembled as I opened it. I tried so hard to open it without ripping the letter. A tear came from my eye as I read the first sentence. My heart fluttered when you said that you were always, in love with me.

I wish I could apologize for dating Cindy. But I cannot. To do so would be to dishonor her and the love we had. That’s not the man I am… The only thing that I can say is that, I’m sorry that I did not realize how much you meant to me back then… How different it all would have been.

To read you describe our first kiss so eloquently, brought a rush of emotions to me. I had to stop reading and touch my lips. It felt liked we were still in that forbidden embrace, experiencing for the first time, the thrill that we shared so many… many times again.

I wish… that I had defied my parents. I should have taken the very next bus back. I should have…

I could go on and on with all the things I was too scared and cowardly to do. I should have had more… faith.

To read your letter, renewed that faith. Now, when I breathe, the air seems more crisp. I feel more, alive. I now have a sense of purpose. A purpose and a goal and a love that they tried to take away from me, from us…

If… no… when… I return. I want to see you at the old oak tree, sitting on that swing. I will approach you like before, but this time, I will know what to say…



Letter Four 6/14/18


My love. It seems only right to start this day with a letter. Since today is the last day I will wait beneath that old oak tree.

It feels like an eternity since I received your letter, asking me to wait for you. In reality it has been a mere 6 months, 2 weeks and four days. But I waited. Every day I waited under that tree, anticipating the moment you would return.

Every moment spent in that swing, waiting, hoping, dreaming of you, left me heavy hearted for it was one more day I had without you. Every day I yearned for one more minute, one more kiss, one more whispered “I love you”. And every day I feared was one more brick in the mounting wall that separated us.

Until... that day. I can’t explain it, the emotions that came over me. Like a tidal wave crashing into me and pulling me under. Every fear, every doubt that played me vanished. Swept away by the love I felt flowing between us.

I smile as I write this, thinking of that kiss, that embrace that felt like coming home. I knew at once I was where I was meant to be.

So, today I will meet you under that old tree one more time where we will have our last first kiss.

Eternally yours,


Ps- I’ll be the one in white

Letter Five 6/15/18

Dear Abigail;

I don’t know why I wrote this letter to you. I stand here reading it out loud. At the old oak tree behind the school. I didn’t know that they had taken down the swing where we had promised to meet. I didn’t know… I didn’t know…

But I digress…

When I came home, to come back to you after all this time… I can’t believe… how many months had passed… It was barely two seasons… Now I stand here… talking to the woman I loved and adored. I saw you dressed in white and you have never been so beautiful before.

I couldn’t do it… I couldn’t approach you… I thought I knew

what I was going to say to you. I was going to profess to you how much I truly love you. I wasn’t prepared for our last kiss… My heart is breaking and yet… under all this pain and heartache… I still love you! I always will.

I don’t know what had happened… to change things between us. I spoke to my sister when I arrived, asking about you. She told me everything. Everything.

Tommy… is a good man. I pray that you and he have many happy years together. I’m going to leave this letter here… maybe you’ll see it. Maybe the wind will sweep it away… I’m going back to where I was sent away. There are a lot of fine upstanding people there. Don’t you worry about me. There’s a young lady there that took an interest in me. Her name is Bonnie, she’s a good woman. I don’t know where this all will lead… but now, you closed a door… I have to find my own way…

I wish I had come back sooner… before your wedding day… maybe things would have been… different!




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