2Deform By Nathalie Vermeiren and Danielle Huyghe.

Collective 2Deform

Danielle Huyghe
Nathalie Vermeiren

Photo credits: Daphne van de Velde

Collective 2Deform.

Collective 2Deform is formed by Danielle Huyghe and Nathalie Vermeiren, two Dancer/makers soon to be graduated from the ArtEZ university of the arts. Their collective was formed through their mutual interest for the alienation of a human body, upon which they did an individual artistic research.

For their new creation, they’re working on the idea of how alienation can be a result of a repetitive, structured sequence of movements, inspired by the aggression and movement language of boxing. Slowly degrading into an isolation of the individual and his/hers’ surrounding, causing this individual to become a completely alienated body on stage.

Both of us are researching the term alienation (started in ArtEZ 2018). We took this research and development into our new project. Detached Seperation.

Detached Seperation.
  • Detached Seperation.
  • "Two individuals isolated in their own aggression"
  • Music: Composed by Max kelm
  • Choreographed and performed by: Danielle Huyghe and Nathalie Vermeiren
  • Photo's: Daphne van de velde
  • Duration: 30 minutes.
Photo's by Daphne van de velde.

Detached Separation

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About us:

Nathalie Vermeiren.

Nathalie is working with the term alienation in the human body and how the perception of a body can become alienated for a spectator, through factors as emptiness and the overall atmosphere.

Nathalie Vermeiren (1996, Belgium) started dancing ballet at the age of eight years old at Dansstudio Arabesque in Antwerp, Belgium. Soon she discovered that her preference lays in the contemporary Jazz and contemporary/ Floorwork direction. She trained her capacities as a dancer beside school, and decided when graduating from secondary school (2015) to focus on dancing as a profession. Which lead her to Bologna, Italy where she trained for eight months in the professional training programme ‘Dances Start Up VI’ under artistic guidance of Brigel Gjoka and Mattia Gandini. After her training in Italy she was accepted for the Bachelor Dancer/Maker at ArtEZ, Arnhem, Netherlands, where she is currently in fourth year working as an intern in the professional field.

Danielle Huyghe

Danielle is interested in an alienated atmosphere, she is researching how sound, costuming, physicality and other elements of an atmosphere can alienate a performance.

Danielle Huyghe is 21 years old. She studied 6 years at The! Kunsthumaniora in (Antwerp). She got stage experience by dancing in pieces from well known choreograpers such as: Min Hee Bervoets, Yasmin Kademir, Anton Lashky, Irish Bouche, Filippe Van Huffel and Ann Van Den Broek, Dario Torterelli, Karoline Finn, ... After her graduation at The! Kunsthumaniora, she choose to studie at ArtEZ as professional dancer/maker. she got many opportunities as a maker/dancer. She made several pieces, which she could perform several times outside of school (theaters and festivals). Danielle Huyghe is working in dansateliers as professional dancer and maker.

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Danielle Huyghe