Diseases and Health Issues by: Melisa medina 5th period

Water Cleanse

  • Water wasn't the safest thing men, women , or children could drink it was often contaminated with diseases and bacteria.
  • Citizens Had to fetch their water from either a river or a well put out in the towns.
  • Families after fetching water from their sources had to cleanse the waters by boiling and adding other substances to it.
  • Many people tried to avoid river water or water from the brook and preferred rain water as their source because it was more clean.
  • When Rain water wasn't available they often had to use water from rivers.

Cholera , Myalgia and Tuberculosis

  • Cholera was first introduced in 1831 Killed 52,000 across the country .
  • Discovered that the cause of the disease was by divine intervention and unsanitary way of the streets.
  • John Snow was the doctor who discovered the source of the disease.
  • the source of the spread of the disease was a water pipe.
  • Myalgia was muscular pain caused by the over use of muscles.
  • Workers , factory workers , grown up and even teenagers contracted this " disease".
  • Tuberculosis was often contracted from consumption of infected meat or animal products, notably milk.

Leaving the dead out.

  • Influenza and scarlet fever killed more than 100, 000 combined .
  • Disease were caused by particles of decomposing matter that were spread through the air in a poisonous vapor.
  • Areas of town were often too contagious that many people tried to avoid breathing the air around.
  • The more away from the smell you were, the more safer it was to breathe.
  • Due to the overflow of graves many people left the dead out on the streets exposed to the towns and citizens.
  • Health care became an important subject to many Victorian citizens after the traumatic increase of deaths every year .
  • They began to protect their health by avoiding chances of contracting a disease.
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